Up to today Moroccans have continued to use the tents not only as shelters but also as spaces of celebration - for weddings, traditional and religious events, and parties. They have succeeded in preserving their historic roots up to present time, keeping their uniqueness alive.
The Makhzen tent comes in a great variety of sizes and shapes (circles, parallelograms.) They can house from thirty (30) to five hundred (500) people. Their interior and exterior decoration is an emblem of authority, spirituality and beauty. The marriage of national colors, namely red (symbol of power), green (symbol of Islam and the sacred) and gold (symbol of wealth) reflect the Moroccan pride.
The tents are hand-made by a group of forty artisans that live and work together for a month. The artisans weave, of their own hands the history of their people: past, present and future of an unique tradition. Because of their unique and authentic character they can become the homes of the most extraordinary feasts and the perfect show rooms for the most luxurious products. They are perfect to host art fairs as well as sport events. When you acquire a Makhzen tent you are just getting a simple shelter but a part of Morocco itself. Its unique qualities reflect the labor of each artisan. The voluptuous materials renders them completely original. Not one of them is identical to the other. As an extension of your own home or to enhance your next party an unforgettable event, please call us today at 212 758 4138
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