The seed of the idea of Bibliographica was sewn many years ago in the mind of the bookbinder, calligrapher and publisher Kevin Reilly. Kevin realised that the art and crafts that he was privileged to learn from one the last full time masters in Art College are now, for today's young students, interested in the book arts, is getting more and more difficult in find anyone to teach them. Also that the world wide community of people, still very much interested in such allied arts is getting more and more isolated.

He has felt for a long time that what is needed is a fellowship/foundation/society that is dedicated to the teaching and preservation of these skills. An umbrella for all things associated with these disciplines, a worldwide community of impute, discussion and debate. An umbrella to hold international events, to bring wonderful work to the general publics attention, a public that as long been deigned from seeing much if any work of contempory artist and craftsmen and women.

The Bibliographica Foundation was registered as a charity in the England and wales in September 2003.

After extensive discussions with providers in the UK and outline discussions with planning officials in Cornwall and the owners of Trereife Park, Penzance it was decided to further the aims and objectives of the charity through a business plan, which will be used to raise funding for the Book School.

These few pages are here to begin the process of a wider market research for the concept of the Book School which aspires to teach short and long courses, residential and non-residential, for the hobbyist through to post graduates seeking hands-on training.

It will run two fine book publishing houses, promote an international annual festival of the Book Arts in Cornwall, provide studio space for allied craftsmen and women and play host of academic seminars.

Its remit is excellence and quality.

The Business Plan will be finished in December 2005 and if you are reading this, kindly hosted by, you will already be aware of some details of what we wish to achieve.

If you have a point of view and a few moments to complete the questionnaire we would be delighted to hear from you.

This questionnaire posts itself to us as an attachment in your email client. if you wish to be anonymous please feel free to copy it and send the answers through a proxy of your choosing. If you do not wish us to hold a copy of your e-mail address please tell us and we will not include you in our database.

If you wish to be kept informed and receive a summary of the findings of the business plan early next year we will include your e-mail in our database which will never be shared with third parties.