Center for Book Art: New York April 1st, 2003
(if you see your artwork not yet identified, thank you to send me your name and title of work).

The Sago of the Sheep
Robyn Sassen

Eaters Digest
Charles Bonenti

Fairy Tales
Hyun Jung

Food for Thoughts
Wendy Guida

Fruity Scroll
Christopher D. Yuen

In the beginning: cuneiform
Youme Landowne

Peace Pie
Janis Wilkins

Stressed spelled backwards in dessert

Pickled Words of sour news
Béatrice Coron

Hemingway Tea
Helen Farmer

Some men dream of fortune
Charlene McBride

Merry go round

Call me Red
Michelle Raccagni

Confectionery Compositions: edible structural poetry
Harita Patamikakorn

The Book of Pi
Stephanie Krause-Robert Christie

Jessica Patterson

Comic Strip

Peanut butter paperback
Sarah Smolinski

Floating Words
Yasuto Tsukamoto

A little ginger
Benjamin Rinehart