ODETTE DRAPEAU is a native of Montreal where she lives and works. She brings to the art of bookbinding a unique sensitivity to materials, a consumate technique and a dedication to the literary arts. She is respected and exhibited worldwide and is sought after as a teacher as well as a professional binder capable of producing extended editions as well as one of a kind artist books.

The works exhibited here are primarily from the 1990's and illuminate Odette's exploration of fish skin as a worthy challenger to traditional binding materials. The results are magnificant - sensuous and sensitive simultaneously - and will bring much pleasure to amateur and professional alike.

In order to view each work and its description, click on the square icons on the left and right. The full image and text will appear in this center space. To view an enlarged version of the binding click on the binding image and a much larger version will appear in a pop-up window. You can close that window by clicking anywhere on the enlarged image.