h o w   d o    y o u   c o m p a r e ?

Excerpts from Selected Sex Surveys

How often do you have sex?
Do you have orgasms?

a. Once a week
b. More than once a week
c. Once a month
d, Less than once a month

n e x t  i m a g e

g i r d l e  b o o k s   p a g e

m i r i a m  s c h a e r  t i t l e    p a g e

p r i c e

1996. 12 x 12 x 7. Bra, silk, acrylic,ink, paper, collage, compasses.

Please rate your sex life.

a. Fabulous
b. Good
c. Satisfactory
d. Unsatisfactory
How many sexual partners have you had?

a, One or less
b. 2-10
c. 10-20
d. 20 or more

Select your most frequent position.

a. on the top
b. on the bottom
c. to the right
d. to the left

How often do you masturbate?
a. frequently
b. sometimes
c. never

What would make you end a relationship?

a. physical abuse
b. mental abuse
c. emotional abuse
d. infidelity
e. alcohol or drug abuse
f. lack of communication
g. financial irresponsibility
h. finding someone better
i. all of the above