w e   a r e   h a p p y   t o   s e r v e    y o u

1994-1996. 24 x 17 x 1, Apron, acrylic, gum bichromate.

Printed in Gum in edition of 8 at the Lower East Side Print Shop on Folio. The type, Lithos, was set on a Macintosh Quadra. Photos by Douglas Beube.
Thank you Stan. In Memory of Ted.

A college graduate
with no particular skills
was considering her
options when she stumbled upon

Philadeli, a meat & potatos,
coffee & danish, on duty
daily, South Street

Instantly, burgers & fries,
corned beef on ryes,
seemed perfectly suited
to a B.A. who majored in art

with a minor in obediance.

Still, her union of employment
and persona was not without problems-

this transpired, understand,
in an era before calculators
automated arithmetic.

She couldn't add-

and she dropped trays,
and mixed up orders,
and forgot her tables,
and banged into chairs,

and boggled the diners
with dyslexic totals
illegibly penned
on blue-lined receipts

until the inevitable decree-
You're fired! Fired! Fired!-
persuaded her that she
would serve herself better

by ceasing to serve.

o t h e r  w o r k s  p a g e   

m i r i a m  s c h a e r  t i t l e    p a g e

p r i c e