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You may select any of the participating dealers in order to view their current catalogue listings. Each dealer's catalogue page gives you information about the individual dealer, highlights items that are new or featured, and presents the current catalogue.

Please note that the catalogue listings of each dealer are offered in either their "long form" entries version or, for quicker review, a "short form" version.

Each dealer's list - "short" or "long" - allows you to select books to go on your "Book List", which maintains a record of books under consideration for purchase or further information. For reasons of speed and efficiency, we strongly recommend that you use the "short form" list to transfer books to your "Book List", and the "long form" just for browsing. For more information see "Book List Help" below.

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The Search function allows you to search the entire database of our dealers listings, including books that are not in current catalogues but are maintained in the database as "inventory". Books that have been sold will remain in the data base to facilitate research efforts, but will be clearly marked as "sold".

Choose the appropriate search field(s) and enter the keyword(s) of your choice. Enter one search word in a field. Entering a search word in more than one field will output only those entries where both words appear.

After performing the desired search,a "Search Results" page will display a listing of the books available corresponding to your search criteria. You may choose to do a new search by returning to the Search page as indicated. When you have completed the searches you wish to perform, you may select the books that will be placed on your "Book List". By clicking on any "Search Results" title you may view the corresponding "long form" entry. Clicking the button next to an entry places the book on your "Book List" for further consideration.

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Your search has retrieved all the books corresponding to your chosen keywords.(*) They are displayed in a "short form" entry whose title may be clicked to display its "long form" version.Be sure to complete the review of your "Search Results", and the transfer of any books to your "Book List", before commencing a new search. A new search clears, and replaces, the existing 'Search Results. By clicking the button next to a book that title will be placed on your "Book List" for further consideration. You can view your "Book List" at any time by selecting "View Book List". When your "Book List" is displayed, your selections will be grouped by the dealer offering those books for sale.You may then choose from the available transaction functions.

(*) In cases where an individual book is offered by more than one dealer, all available copies will be separately listed.

Note: The data base search function uses a highly sophisticated, customized search program. If your search results appear to be erratic, or inconsistent with your search parameters, please contact us so that we can continue to refine its operation.

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Each book in the dealer's listing - "short" or "long" form - has a button to it's left. [As noted above, use the "long form" catalogue for browsing and the "short form" catalogue for transfers to your "Book List"]. By clicking this button, the book selected becomes part of your "Book List" which you may review by selecting the "View BookList" button.In order to view your "Book List" you will be asked to fill out our visitors register if you have not already done so. (If you have previously registered, please enter your email address, when requested). The information necessary to process any purchases or requests for information is recorded here. You may, if you like, specify your collecting interests in the space provided for this purpose. Please note that the records maintained by Colophon Page are confidential and will under no circumstance be shared with a third party. A participating dealer will be able to broadcast an announcement of specific interest to collectors only by forwarding it through Colophon Page. Any person registering with Colophon Page may, at the time of registration, indicate that they do not wish to be contacted by dealers. In this case no messages will be forwarded to you. Colophon Page may make announcements of a purely housekeeping nature, from time to time, as necessary. We would like, as much as possible, for the communication to be two-way, in order to ensure the site functions in the interests of its users.

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The "Book List" displays the books you have chosen for further consideration. Each book is grouped with the dealer offering that book for sale. You have four options available: Buy, Email Inquiry, Phone/Fax, Delete.

Use the delete box to delete any book from your "Book List". If you wish to review the complete entry for any book you may do so by clicking on its title.

For any book that you wish to purchase, click the Invoice box to its left. The book is placed on your "Invoice". Continue through the list until all such books have been transferred to the "Invoice". You may go to the "Invoice" page at any time by selecting the "View Invoice" button. The invoice page contains the books you are ready to purchase and allows you to process this Invoice on-line.

If you are interested in forwarding an email inquiry to a dealer, click email inquiry. A pre-addressed email form will be displayed.

If you would like to contact the dealer off-line, select Phone/Fax and the dealer's contact information will be displayed.

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The invoice allows you to process the books you have selected from your "Book List" for on-line purchase. They have been placed on the Invoice as described in "Book List Help". The information recorded on your registration form will be entered in the appropriate locations. Please make any necessary corrections. You will receive a copy of the Invoice as sent to dealer. Before sending the Invoice, please review the books you have chosen. You may delete any item by returning to the "Book List". When you are satisfied with your Invoice select "Send Invoice". Upon receipt of Invoice, the dealer will contact you to confirm your order and availability. *No payment should be sent until receiving this confirmation.* Books ordered will be held for shipment upon receipt of payment, unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed.

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