Béatrice Coron   Wall Street on the Run, papercut, 10 x 7", 1997, $400; the new moon, papercut, 7" x 8", 2001, $350 (Framed, approx 11 x 14", both)


Béatrice Coron is a global nomad. She spent a year in Egypt, a year in Mexico, then two years in China. She moved to New York in 1984. All of these places left their mark on her thoughts, her life and her art.

Her passion for working in silhouettes perhaps derive from her French roots; she was born and raised in Lyons. The very word "Silhouette" comes from King Louis XV's unpopular Minister of Finance, Etienne de Silhouette, who cut so many budgets that his name became synonymous with slashing paper.

An urban dweller for the last twenty years, Coron launched her career as an artist in New York. Her technique is paper-cutting; her usual medium is book arts and more recently public art. She has made tiny pin books in series and books out of cut paper scrolls 50 feet long, books cut into flowers,pop-out books, books in boxes, books in lighted displays; hundreds of surprising shapes and environments for words and thoughts. Her work can be seen in major collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center. You can see her public art in subways, airport and sports facilities among others.
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