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Title: Bone of Contention?
Medium: Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2017-18
47 x 32" $11,900.

Title: Old Fashion Trendy
Medium: Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry on Corderoy
Date: 2017/18
58 x 48" $9500.

Title: Nature's Own making; Return to the Source
Medium: Batik
Date: 2011
63 x 86" $6950.

Title: The Basketballer
Medium: Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2014
60 x 18" $2950.

Title: Faceless Entertainer
Medium: Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2018
74 x 21" $6,900.

Title: The Philosopher
Medium: Beaded Batik Quilt Tapestry on hand made paper
Date: 2017
59 x 18" $5750.

Title: Inter-Connectivity
Medium: Beads on Velvet
Date: 2016
70 x 48" $6000.

This piece depicts the way our world inter connects. We are all interdependent in spite of our individual differences. Therefore, there can only be one race and that is the Human Race.

Title: Interlude
Medium: Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2015
68 x 45" $4000.

Interlude is simply depicting the moments of our life when we cross one moment of life to another. The keyword here is Do we take adequate record of the transition of our life?

Title: Bits and Pieces
Medium: Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2012
78 x 50" $5000.

Bits and Pieces depicts the importance of how little pieces of our life can come together and make a whole. As the saying "The difference between been good and been great is how much attention you pay to details" also little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.

Title: Between the Haves and the Have Nots
Medium: Batik
Date: 2015
58 x 67" $2500.

The disparity between the haves and have nots will forever be a challenge that we must deal with. Like the Yoruba proverb which says "Fingers are not equal," it doesn't matter what all of us can't have; but those who have must learn to share, so the gap gets smaller and smaller. After all, to give does not mean to lack.

Title: Inner Part of the Masquerade
Medium: Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: N.D
71 x 63" $4,950.

Masquerade is the representation of the ancestors according to the Yoruba People across the length and breadth of the world. Masquerade festivity is observed in honor of the past ancestors. The message here is the inner part of that masquerade, masquerade costumes become more elaborate over time, as more and more beautiful fabrics are added to document the masquerade history. This is the viewer's opportunity to see the behind the scenes story of the costumes of the masquerade.

Title: Treasure Buried Under the Earth
Medium: Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: N.D.
68 x 59" $5000.

I look around and see all the development and wonder where it all comes from; the simple answer is that it comes from the earth. All sorts of mineral resources come from under the earth. The need to take care of our environment becomes imperative. Man being an explorer always forgets that how you treat your environment is how your environment will treat you.

Title: Argungu Fishing Festival
Medium: Linocut
Date: 2015
22 x 30" $1,500.

Title: Abstract
Medium: Batik Quilt Tapestry
Date: 2015
60 x 30" $2,850.00

Abstract is an escape route for every individual to have the freedom of making up their own story. However, the artist here refers to the Stars of Moses and the empathy of the Jewish and other people around the world. To forgive is to move on, whereas to forget is to loose track of history and for it to repeat itself.

Title: Yoruba Bata Drummers
Medium: Linocut
Date: 2015
30 x 22" $1,500.

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