Vol. 23, no. 3 Dec. 2000



Stampland: Fine Art Rubber Stamps is now located at 5033 N. Mozart St., Chicago, IL 60625. Phone/fax: (773)728-8425. http://rubberstampmuseum.com

Kairan 1: Mail Art Forum is the continuation of Wilfried Nold‚s Numero, now edited by Gianni Simone, who has been living in Japan for the past 8 years. Kairan means „read and pass onš in Japanese, and that‚s the intention of Simone. Contributions include those of Ruggero Maggi, Clemente Padin, the AUMA Collective, Theo Breuer has an A through Z Mail Art News chapter, the article about the Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez De Luna (with stamps on several pages), an article by Vittore Baroni about Mail Art and the Internet, and much more. What you want to imagine is not a list of all the mail art shows in the world, but a pithy, international, incisive exploration of the mail art world today. To get a copy, send $2.00 or a contribution to Gianni Simone, 105 Hillside Morooka, 1094-1 Morooka-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, 222-0002 Kanagawa-ken, Japan.

Ray Johnson: Correspondences, curated by Donna De Salvo, at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio from 17 September - 31 December 2000.

The Orange Squeezes Your Brain will open in El Puig, (Valencia-Spain) on 28 January 2001. Catalogues will be mailed to you from that date on.

Stampland (Picasso Gaglione) announces a recent publication of "E" Stamps, shown at the Stillmen Casa in Chicago on 21 June. The original works are printed in a 20-page catalog, including a signed artistamp sheet) by Picasso Gaglione. 50 signed and numbered copies are available for $30.00
Another publication is the Chicago Mail-Art Congress 2000 held on 11 August with Pete Fisher, John Rininger, Andy Oleksiuk, Tom Long, Conrad Hunter and Picasso Gaglione, documented in a publication.

Dogfish/Robert Rudine announces the Kite Post Memorial Artistamp Edition. With the death of Francis Hall, known as Kite Post, many artists participated in expressing their sorrow by creating a kite-like edition of artistamps. Anna Banana produced them and made the mailing possible.
Commissioned by Dogfish, the artists who participated are Joan Hall/Lindsey Fry, Jeff Dixon, Ed Higgins, Dogfish, Greg Byrd, Patricia Tavenner, Bonnie Byrd, Harley, Buz Blurr, Phil Fagerholm, Dominique, Cynthia Gaub, Ed Varney, Jas Felter and Anna Banana. For further information, contact Vitreous Humor Productions, 3232ł Eastlake Ave., E, Suite B., Seattle, WA 98102-3875. $10.00 a sheet

AAA Editions is proud to announce the publication of James Warren Felter's book, Artistamps/Francobolli d'Artista. James Warren Felter has created, researched and collected artistamps since 1973. He organized exhibitions in North America, Europe and Russia and is often a consultant and lender. Currently Director of the Jas Cyberspace Museum, Felter lives in West Vancouver, Canada with his wife and cat.
Artistamps rebel against the monopoly of governmental emissions, giving life with satirical, playful or lyrical intents to an alternative philately dominated by the most unrestrained creativity. This volume reconstructs the history of the art form, from the work of pioneers Michael V. Hitrovo and Karl Schwesig to the conceptual experiments of Yves Klein and Fluxus artists, and the planetary diffusion through the open network of Mail Art with the multicoloured emissions of imaginary islands and virtual countries. The book is illustrated with hundreds of artistamps by more than fifty artists most representative of the field. Preface by Vittore Baroni, with special advice from Anna Banana.
  Album Leaves: (portfolios and short essays): Anna Banana On Artistamp News ; Fernand E.J. Barbot; Vittore Baroni; Guy Bleus The thrill of collecting artistamps; Kenneth J. Bryson; buZ blurr; Gregory T. Byrd; Guglielmo A. Cavellini; Piermario Ciani; David Cole; Michael Hernandez De Luna; Marcello Diotallevi; Dogfish Cinderella in Tui Tui; Dominique; Susan Dworski; Andries D. Eker; James W. Felter; Hans R. Fricker; Jorge Garnica; Bruce Grenville Voyages to imaginary countries; Harley; Ed F. Higgins III Small is big; Dennis J. Highberger; Michel Hosszú; Sandy Jackson; K. Frank Jensen; Joki; Eleanor Kent; Alexander Kholopov; Natalie Lamanova; Rene Montes; Clemente Padin; Franco Piri Focardi; Joel Smith; Steve Smith; Geir SŅrReime; State of Being; Rod Summers Artistamps from the computer; Michael Thompson; Ed Varney The artistamp "anthology" sheet; Chuck Welch. There is a Chronology of First Editions, selected exhibitions, and a bibliography.
Other artists with at least one artistamp reproduced (in order of apparition): Mark Bloch, Dennis P. Jordan, Jeffrey Dixon, Peter W. Kaufmann, Tim Mancusi, Endre Tót, Gerard Barbot, King Alexander, Richard De Meester, Alan Brignull, Fabio Bruno, Leslie Caldera, Joel S. Cohen & Thomas Kerr, Weef, Joe Decie, T. Michael Bidner, Michael V. Hitrovo, Karl Schwesig, Ray Johnson, Robert M. Watts, George Maciunas, Donald Evans, Ken Friedman, Dana Atchley, Carl T. Chew, Patricia Tavenner, EdgardoAntonio Vigo, Picasso Gaglione, Alyce CornynSelby, Arturo Fallico, Pere Souza, Gregory Zbitnew, Dieter Rot, Sean A. Woodward, Willi K. Baum, György Galántai, Rose Avery, Robert Rehfeldt, Jürgen O. Olbrich, Geraldo Yepiz, Michael Leigh, Pawel Petasz, Robin Crozier, Rose Avery, Francis Hall, Luc Fierens plus various collective "anthology sheets".

New Observations, n.126 Summer 2000  The Art Is In The Mail(ing) with Guest Editors: FaGaGaGa (Mark & Mel Corroto). Cover by Ray Johnson. 34 pages with richly illustrated short essays by several international networkers.
If you have an interest in the history and theory behind mail art, this special issue of New Observations magazine is strongly recommended. You can get it directly from the source: 320 West 37th Street, #6F, New York, NY 10018 USA (price for a single back issue: $9.00 USA / $ 11.50 foreign). There are brief excerpts from Mark Bloch‚s text "Communities Collaged: Mail Art and the Internet", that show how mail art is a forerunner of the Internet.

To order James Warren Felter, Artistamps/Francobolli d'Artista (AAA Editions, December 2000), 216 pages, hundreds of illustrations, all texts in English/Italian: $17.00. Special introductory offer: buy three copies and get a fourth as a gift. Buyers of Felter's book by mail order will also receive as a free extra bonus a colour artistamps minisheet printed by AAA Editions in a limited edition of 250 copies (while supply last).

Last but not least, a new very special item: For true lovers of artistamps, we recommend the audio CD compilation "Living in the ice age Vol. 2 Stamps, headphone music & lazy penpals" published in the Summer 2000 by the Italian label Milano 2000 (distributed by Family Affair/Edizioni Ishtar, via Mecenate 76/3, 20138 Milan, Italy email ishtar@ishtar.it web site www.ishtar.it). Edited by the graphic designer and copy artist Giacomo Spazio together with the musician and DJ Stefano Ghittoni, the album includes 12 tracks of "down beat" electronics from international acts (DJ Vadim remixed by Silent Poets, Jim O&rsquo Rourke remixing the High Llamas, The Cinematic Orchestra reworkerd by Tom Tyler, plus Periferico, The Dining Rooms, Bedroom Rockers, Spiralman, etc.) and also a 13th acoustic "ghost track" by Le Forbici di ManitĚ, an hommage to the "father of mail art" Ray Johnson. The CD comes in a original cardboard box with 12 minisheets of artistamps in full colour, with works by over 40 artists, designers and comics artists (Franco Matticchio, Gianluca Lerici, Pablo Echaurren, Giuseppe Palumbo, Gabriella Giandelli, Joung Lee, etc.). Included in the package is also a short text (in Italian/English) by V. Baroni on the "Great moments in the history of artists‚ stamps" (as published in a recent issue of Artistamp News zine). I have been able to obtain just a few copies of this lovely item, published in a very limited edition, to offer directly for sale, so if you are interested get it before it is too late! Cost is $ 18.00 each (only one copy for customer).
To Order: Prices are in U.S. dollars and include surface postage, if necessary figure out an equivalent in your own currency. For air mail (outside Europe only) add $ 2.00 to each item ordered ($ 4.00 for each AAA book). Send pay ments as cash in registered envelope or International Postal Money Order (no cheques, or add $ 5.00 for bank costs) to: Vittore Baroni, Via C. Battisti 339, 55049 Viareggio, Italy.
- Vittore Baroni


Rosenthal Gallery invites everyone to participate in Shadows and Dreams. No jury, no fee, open interpretation of the theme, and no return of work. All mail art must be postcard size, sent through the mail to qualify, and the participant must be 16 years old or older. Exhibit will remain open to the public from November 30, 2000, to January 11, 2001. All participants will receive a letter of recognition, their name listed on the Shadows and Dreams web site, and art should be sent through the mail no later than November 15. An optional fee of $5 to have your art image on the web site for one year. Send Mail Art to Rosenthal Gallery, Fayetteville State University, 1200 Murchinson Rd, Fayetteville NC 28301. For information contact Ms Soni Martin: e-mail to smartin@uncfsu.edu, FAX 910-486-1572, or call 910-486-1057.

Leaves and Leave-takings.Any medium, no deadline, reply to all and new documentation to expect. Send to Bonita McLaughlin, 41A Richardson Rd., Leverett, MA 01054 USA.

Artist's Book Exchange. Send one of your artist‚s books to Pat. She will send you one of hers in return along with a list of all the addresses of other members of the exchange (currently 199 people from across the planet). After that it‚s up to you to negotiate exchanges with others on the list. Send to Pat Collins, Artist's Book Exchange, 128 Kingston Rd., Teddington, Middlesex, UK.

Visual Poetry Wanted. The magazine Signs of Santa Clara, the city where Che Guevara is buried, is preparing a special edition of visual poetry and they want work from around the world, because they don‚t have enough poems, and because visual poetry is not well known in Cuba. Send contributions to Revista Signos, gaveta Postal 19, Santa Clara, c.p. 50100, Villa Clara, Cuba.

Signal has a new e-mail address for Miroljub Todorovic at signal@ptt.yu. For those of you who may not know, Signal is a resurrected visual and word poetry periodical published in Belgrade which was suspended in the 1970s. It welcomes essays about all aspects of word art and visual poetry.

Mani Art, mail art magazine. Send 60 pages, size 15x21 cm. Or 60 postcards. No black and white photocopies. Leave 1 cm. on longest side. Every contributor gets one issue with all works.  No deadline. Send to Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France.

Collage. Please send small and colorful paper things to me, I am building a mail art collage. All contributors will receive a color copy of the collage and a list of current participants. Any collage type materials are welcome (magazine cut outs, original art, unoriginal art, artistamps, stickers etc). No deadline, Ongoing project. Scientist Sam, 11514 N. Rockaway Dr. Spokane, WA 99218 USA E-mail: messiah070@aol.com

120 years of Picasso. Gandha Key of London wants to invite artists interested in doing an artist book to communicate with her. Send an image of a face you know or one you have created. Any medium that can be scanned or sent via e-mail. Size up to A4. Write to G. Key, 12 Corwallis Rd., London N19 4LU, UK or http://colophon.com/zybooks

Don‚t be Coy, be Nishikigoi. Nishikigoi is the name of the Japanese carp. 8 x 10", any medium, no returns, no deadline. Work will be integrated into an internet site. Documentation assured twice a year. Send to Koi, c/oDragonfly Dream, PMB #286, 223 N. Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM 87501. http://www.dragonflydream.com

Nude Climbing the Staircase. A5 (15 x 21 cm.), documentation to each 10 participants.  No deadline. Send to Pascal Lenoir, 11 ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Granfresnoy, France.

Chance Future at Artpool.  Deadline: 31 December 2000. Participants should ask themselves at what point the past and the future determines the present. Exhibitions and other events will be produced during the duration of the project. For more information, contact Artpool, H-1277 Budapest 23, pf. 52, Hungary. Or artpool@artpool.hu Key #164. I've found a strange key, and I don't know what it opens. Help me solve this mystery. Please send me a text (fiction, poetry, rants, etc.) with or without images (any media is OK) on a B5 paper. The best story gets a present from me. Documentation to all. Send to Gianni Simone at Kairan (address above). Deadline: 31 January 2001.

Mail Art Hit Parade 2000. Clemente Padin include your personal data for the catalog that I will send to all the participants. Also I will install a page on the internet with photos and reports of the event. Send to Clemente Padín, C. Correo Central 1211, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay. If you send registered mail or as a "small package", please, write on the envelope: Sin Valor Commercial.

SQUINT. Artist book makers for collaborative assembling booklet. Send 10 photocopies A5 size (21x15 cm) to be folded in middle to make four pages per artist. Color and rubberstamping etc. encouraged. Copy of Squint sent to all participants every 6 - 8 entries. Send to A1 Waste Paper Co. Ltd., 33 Shipbrook Rd., Rudheath, Northwich CW9 7EX. Deadline: Ongoing.

Wipe: Light Weight Bookwork. Please send 40 sheets of printed toilet tissue. Open theme and technique, rubber-stamp, etc. No organic materials or traces please. Ongoing project, no deadline. Edition made every 20 participants. Max size:14cm x 11cm. Send to Field Study, P.0.Box 1838 Geelong, VIC 3220 Australia

The Story of Noah. Any medium.  Deadline: 2 March 2001. Send to North Carolina Wesleyan College, 3400 N. Wesleyan Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC 27804. Exhibition to be at the Civic Gallery through 14 September 2001.

Driving the Dream. 25th Anniversary Route 66.2001 marks the 75th Anniversary of Route 66. To celebrate this important icon of Americana, send mail art to Driving the Dream - Route 66, 3604 Hemlock Dr., Valparaiso, IN 46383. Deadline 1 October 2001.No size restriction, No jury, No returns. Documentation to all.Mail Art Show will take place in November at the Chesterton Art Gallery, Chesterton, IN - opening date coincides with the date that Route 66 became an official US Highway.

Visual Poetry Mail-art project Galerij c.de vos in Aalst, Belgium from February to March 2002. We still welcome Visual Poetry ( social / politically engaged material welcome !!) Size Max A4. Any medium (original works, Xeroxes of originals, essays etc...) No returns, no fee. Deadline: 30 June 2001. Send to Luc Fierens c/o VISUAL POETRY, Grote Nieuwedijkstraat 411, B-2800 Mechelen -BELGIUM Catalogue to all participants after exhibit in 2002. Works will stay in the P.C.A.Mail-art coll- ection of Annina Van Sebroeck & Luc Fierens for future exhibitions. All visual poetry , fLuxeD poetry , sound poetry welcome. By snail-mail please !!

Shelf Life. A 3D mail art project inspired by the Seamus Heaney poem "Shelf Life", the project is aiming for an exhibition in summer 2001. Usual mail art terms, no rejects, no returns, photos and documentation to all participants. Send a postcard with name and contact address for a flyer with all the details. Send to Mike Robson, 45 Endcliffe Glen Rd., Sheffield S11 8RW. E-mail: mikerobson@excite.com Deadline: February 2001.

Joy! The Positive influence of Art on the Artist. No larger than 9 x 12, otherwise open. Must close flat to fit in an artist book portfolio for exhibition. Any medium. Snail Mail only. No works returned. Documentation to all who provide address.Send to Tera Leigh, 923 Oak St., Lafayette, CA 94549.

Alienation. Any medium, any size. Art to be exhibited online at ChalkViolet Correspondence. Http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Lofts/4983 and perhaps a compilation and distribution of catalog to participants. Send all entries to ChalkViolet, 2000 Burton #268, Austin, TX 78741.

Woman yesterday and today. Concerns all women and their social and emotional involvement in everyday life. Any medium, any size. Deadine: 31 January 2001. Exhibition from 8 March 2001 at Villa Ida, Treazzano Rosa, Milano, Italy. No returns. Documentation to all. Please send work to Biblioteca Comunale Don Milani, „La donna ieri e oggiš, Via ai Campi 2, 20060 Trezzano Rosa (MI), Italy.

Dreams and Nightmares. Any medium. Installation be be created as soon as 100 works of art are received. "100 Dreams and Nightmares" with a bed and pillows inside the gallery. The artist will plaster the wall, pillows and bed with everyone‚s work. Documentation to all who send names and addresses. Send envelopes, drawings, rubberstamp designs, prints, postcards, etc. Send to Sharon Silverman, P.O. Box 1212, Haverhill, MA 01831 USA.

How Mail Art is Changing in an Internetworked world. The resulting mail art exhibition will be part of a doctoral dissertation on the effects of the Internet on the Mail Art Network. The effects of the Mail Art network on the Internet are especially welcome! Any size, any medium. Documentation to all. Send to honoria, 2505 Enfield Rd. #15, Austin, TX 78703 USA. Deadline: 31 July 2001.

Beat Generation/Writers in general. Any medium, size: Postcard/legal. Send to Elena, P.O. Box 20022, Woodstock, Ont. Canada N4S 8G5. Mail Art will be shown at Community Hall to celebrate the embarkment of the intellectually endorsed creative mind. No returns. Deadline: 23 April 2001.

This is Me. 2 D and digital. Size: Square 1:1 ratio. Works will be exhibited at   www.nataLukas.com Deadline: 25 April 2001. No returns, documentation to all. Submissions should be sent to: NataLukas/This is ME, 3107 Alderwood Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225 USA or emailed to nathan@natalukas.com

Dog's Life. Pampered pet or Hound from Hell? No judge, no jury, no guilt, no returns. All entries will beAll entries will be included in an online exhibit. Deadline:15 April 2001. Any size, any medium. What you get is quick documentation, 1 cent, signed-limited edition graphic, good karma. Send to Dog‚s Life, c/o kiyotei, Box2786, Carlsbad, CA 92018 USA. * Please indicate whether you want your contact information included on this web site. For more information e-mail kiyotei@dogandbone.co.uk ARTIST BOOKS

Printed Matter, Inc. is very pleased to announce that it has signed a ten-year sub-lease agreement with Friedrich Petzel to take 1,200 square feet of ground floor space at 535 West 22nd Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues). Printed Matter is thrilled to be joining Friedrich Petzel, CRG, Julie Saul, Frederieke Taylor, Leslie Tonkonow, and Yancy Richardson in this fantastic newly renovated Chelsea building. Printed Matter is overjoyed to find a new home after an exhaustive search for real estate. Since 1989 Printed Matter has rented its 77 Wooster Street location from the Dia Center for the Arts. The staff and board of Printed Matter remain grateful to Dia for the opportunity to best promote artists' publications from this fantastic SoHo site.
Printed Matter anticipates closing its Wooster Street location in January 2001 and reopening on 22nd Street shortly thereafter. Printed Matter is also happy to announce an exhibition of the artists' books, posters, and ephemera by Sol LeWitt to open on November 15 and run though December 22. This exhibition will coincide with three other LeWitt exhibitions in New Yorkhis retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art; and gallery shows at PaceWildenstein and Paula Cooper Gallery.
Printed Matter was founded in 1976 by Sol LeWitt along with Carl Andre, Edit DeAk, Lucy Lippard, Walter Robinson, Pat Steir, Mimi Wheeler, Robin White and Irena von Zahn to be a retailer and wholesaler of artists' books. Over its 24 years history Printed Matter has expanded its interest from artists' books to a more broad range of artists' publications including audio works, video works, multiples, and digital works.

Submit Papers to The Journal of Artists' Books (JAB), founded in 1994 to provide a forum for the lively and critical debate about artists‚ books and their contents. JAB publishes articles, interviews, book reviews and exhibition reviews twice a year. Send papers to JAB, c/o Nexus Press, 535 Means St., Atlanta, GA 30318. For information call (404)577-3579.

Miriam Schaer, book artist from Brooklyn, participated in a dance performance of the Dance Theater Workshop in New York City, with the dancers using her amazingly flexible books as props in "Embrace" on 14 - 16 December at the Williamsburg Art Nexus.
Some of Schaer's books, like those made from toddler clothing, have been previously exhibited and others were created specifically for this piece. The text is based on the experiences of the performers, as well as original text from the Dick and Jane Readers.

Buzz Spector showed "The Artist and His Books" at the Marsha Mateyka Gallery in Washington, DC from 6 - 28 October.

Paperbacks with Music
A new type of book, geared toward black urban youth, meant to be more than just read, is now on the market packaged with a CD, with tracks by various artists, who have more or less donated their work. First to be sold in record stores and gear and clothing shops where the young urban blacks shop, each book will contain six or seven one page color ads, measures 6 x 6 inches, have a shimmery cover with a parental warning and sell for $16.98. It‚s to attract a public that would never think of buying a book.

Artist Book makes City Lights
A year ago, Umbrella reviewed a new labor of love by Felicia Rice, the Codex Espangliensis: From Columbus to the Border Patrol, by Enrique Chagoya, with text by performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Rice‚s design with its accordion-fold pages, modeled after ancient codices, has recently been issued by City Lights Books in San Francisco. From a bloodstained Superman flying over a 16th-century image of Indians being tortured and killed by the Spanish conquistadors, as well as a smiling Mickey Mouse, looking on as Columbus's soldiers cut off the hands of the Caribbean natives, this codex's tale of conquest, colonization, and border crossing now has the best kind of distribution. Congratulations!. 

Keith Smith announces a new book, 200 Books: an Annotated Bibliography for $35, available unbound in sheets or hardcover. The text and pictures describe 199 previous books by Keith Smith with over 550 photo reproductions. Text gives background of the author and describes why each book was made with references to other artists. Sometimes there are detailed descriptions of how the imagery was technically achieved. This book is an autobiography, as well as a bibliography. You can see the book on   http://net2.netacc.net/~ksbooks or order from Keith Smith Books, 22 Cayuga St., Rochester, NY 14620-2153.

The Movable Book Society's Newsletter, Movable Stationery, for November 2000 features all the events during the "Brooklyn Pops Up! The History and Art of the Movable Book" exhibition in detail with Robert Sabuda, Ann Montanaro and Ellen G.K. Rubin as curators. For membership and information, contact P.O. Box 11654, New Brunswick, NJ 08906. Or e-mail:   montanar@rci.rutgers.edu

Luc Fierens (Postfluxpostbooklets, "Fluxus Belgium" box and Social Art mail art catalog) was part of the exhibit, Manumissio: Livres d'Art et d'artistes from 14 - 17 December at the Galerie Les Contemporains, in Brussels, Belgium. Other artists showing were Peter Downsborough, Eddy Devolder, Jacues Lennep, Juan d‚Outremont, Jean Francois Octave, Bernard Villers, Jean Pierre Verheggen and Editions Yellow Now, Flux News, Edition Lebeer-Hossmann, Le Daily-Bul, Editions Camomille, etc.

The National Gallery of Canada, Library and Archives has initiated a series of brochures to accompany its exhibition program. The series is called Library and Archives Exhibition and to date it has covered topics such as Ian Hamilton Finlay, General Idea and Art Metropole and the latest is reviewed here. Copies are availale gratis from Peter Trepanier, Head, Reader Services, National Gallery of Canada, 380 Sussex Dr., P.O. Box 427, Station A, Ottawa, Ont. K1N 9N4 Canada.

Michael Kasper has a new publication, Coronamundi: Asian -Breakfeats, an illustrated essay in volume 4, number 1 (July 2000) which is a selected, illustrated, annotated discography of what is considered Asian-Underground or Indipop, etc. This publication is available from Kasper ( for a lifetime subscripiton of $50 you get them all) from coronamundi, P.O. Box 60361, Florence, MA 01062.

Quotidian Objects: Goethe/Grcic at the Case di Goethe, Rome, in collaboration with the Goethe-Nationalmuseum, Weimar from 22 November 2000 - 29 January 2001 involves Munich designer Konstantin Grcic selecting everyday objects from the encyclopedic personal collection of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Almost seventy, often strikingly modest, artifacts are installed by Grcic in the erstwhile Roman residence of the poet, Goethe. Never before exhibited or published, these pieces include boots, suspenders, buttons, paperweights, dice cups, and an assortment of curious boxes. A catalog, published by Charta, Milan, accompanies the exhibition. It is an artist book, graphically conceived by the designer. The book is in German/Italian/English featuring an interview with Grcic by Ludovico Pratesi, an essay by Cornelia Lauf about Grcic. The second installation will open 13 February 2001 by Katharina Sieverding who will emphasize the natural sciences collection of Goethe.

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