2000 artists postcards in 2000 days, one by one handmade in a rich variety of themes and techniques by angela and Peter Netmail and mailed out during the last 2000 days of this millenium equals a unique project of mail as art in the long tradition of artists postcards which started soon after the invention of the "correspondence card" over 100 years ago. This includes lots of networking events and homages to other mail artists. The collection was shown for the first time in Holland as an "exhibition in progress" with a new add-to daily. The Netmails are looking for more exhibitiono sites. Please let them now if you are interested in showing this singular collection. Mail to Angela & Peter Netmail, P.O. Box 2644, D-32383 Minden, Germany.

A wonderful website, Dragonfly Dream, has announcements for mail art shows, as well as links to other Mail Art Sites.

Mail Art Exhibit from 1984 Franklin Furnace Exhibit at Franklin Furnace, 25 Oct. - 21 Dec. 1996.

The Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress 1997 is being organized by Picasso Gaglione and John Held, Jr. of the Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco. It will be held 22 and 23 February 1997 in Fiesta Hall at the San Mateo Expo Center, just 20 miles from downtown San Francisco and near the San Francisco Airport. It will take place the same time as The California Art and Rubber Stamp Festival. There will be exhibitor booths, artist talks, slide presentations, panel discussions and an exhibition of artistamps from artists around the world. Leading lights such as James Felter, Carl Chew, Ed Varney and Anna Banana will all be in attendance. For those wishing to register, send a $25 check to Heirloom Productions, 1405 Spring Valley Dr., Roseville, CA 95661. Additional information can be obtained by calling (916)782-8823. If you would like to display work at the exhibition, send your artistamps to Artistamp Congress, The Stamp Art Gallery, 466 - 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Work will not be returned, but all entering will obtain documentation from the exhibition, including a list of names and addresses of all participating artists. Running concurrently with the Pacific Rim Artistamp Congress exhibition, the Stamp Art Gallery will be hosting the exhibition, Fe-Mail Artistampers, which will display the work of over 100 artists. For further information, contact John Held, Jr., Artistamp Congress, Stamp Art Gallery, 466 - 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

Mail Art Deadlines

3 Little Pigs and the Wolf. No deadline. Answer to all. Exhibitions. Art work to be only: 9 x 14 or A4 or very big poster. Story in any languages, old or new. Send to Baudhuin Simon Hog Fluxus, 71 rue d'Hoffschmidt, B 6720 Habay, Belgium.

Corrugated Paper Mail Art Project. Please send your work on corrugated paper. Any kind is o.k. Send to Reika Yamamoto, 4-7-7 Eirakuso, Toyonaka-City, Osaka 560, Japan.

All About the Fox! All free with documentation every January! Send to Michael Fox, Rostocker Strasse 3, D-31141 Hildesheim, Germany. Deadline: Ongoing.

Art of Shoes. No deadline. Please send an idea of Shoes which you imagine, you are wearing now, or of your favorite illustration. Photograph, Collage, and any kind is o.k. Send to Yayoi Yoshitome, 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya 663, Japan.

Abuse (Child and/or Spouse, Partner) No fee, no jury, no returns. Periodic documentation. Ongoing. Send your 4 x 5" art to: Stamp Out Abuse, arto posto, 199 14th St. NE, #2505, Atlanta, GA 30309-3691 USA

Thread Networking. Send a thread (tape, cord, rope, etc.) to Reika Yamamoto, 3-5-60 Uenohigashi, Toyonaka, Japan 560. You can also send mythology, story, painting concerning a thread. Documentation to all.

Mani Art. International networker magazine assembling mail art for 10 years. Send 60 originals or copies, 21 x 15 cm. in return receive collection of all submitting artists' works. Any medium, any theme. Send to Mani Art, Galerie Postale, Pascall Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France.

The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp. Send your original black and white work, 14 x 21 cm. Subject: Fresh Window. Documentation to all participants. Send to The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp 10, Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne 60680 Grandfresnoy, France. No deadline.

Popcorn Box. Send 100 small items (2D/3D) to be compiled into 3 x 6 x 3" popcorn box. Deadline: April 1997. Box 703, Navesink, NJ 07752. USA

Artistamp Exchange. Creative exchange. If you send four or more artistamps, you will receive the same number zine exchange. Send to Arte Correo Sudaca, Jorge Garnica, JR Velasco 816, 1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina. No deadline.

Fluxus. Ongoing, updating flux. Mail Art, happenings, social sculpture. Send addressed envelope to participate to Stephen Harding, The Old Rectory, Symondsbury DT6 6HF, England.

Kitchen Tables. Send a photograph of your kitchen table--best examples of it in day-to-day use--for exhibition. Documentation to all. Send to Nathan, 31 Russell Sq., Brighton BN1 2EE, England. No deadline.

The Rubber Stamp Exchange is a continuing project of the A 1 Waste Paper Company , 71 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6DX, England. Send your old stamps and get new ones in return.

Animals. Any medium, any size. Send to Pungucz Karoly, str Miroitei 43, 4800 TG, Mures, Romani. Deadline: Ongoing.

Life and Love on a Shoestring. Any medium, any size, documentation to all. Send to Dragonfly Dream, 223 N. Guadalupe #286, Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA. Deadline: 1 January 1997.

Cyberstamps. Send work on the theme of cyberstamps. No returns, artwork will be placed in a commemorative stampsheet over the Internet. Size must be exactly 1.5" wide x 2" long. Color and bold designs preferred. Commemorative stampsheets will be presented in the first World Wide Web mail art exhibition. Send to Cyberstamps, WWW Artistamp Gallery, P.O. Box 370, Etna, NH 03750 USA or as GIF. File to Cathryn L.

USSR 1049 - Orange. Experimental & conceptual Mail Art folio/journal/artist's book. Send 20 original works, maximum size 240mm x 170mm, open theme. Send art, documents, references, visual poetry, diagrams, drawings, prints, photos, text etc. to: USSR 1049 - Orange, Watson Press "Cestria" 21 Gladstone St., Hartlepool, Cleveland TS24 OPE, England. Compiled every 20 contributions copy of folio to each participant.

Popcorn Box. Send 100 small items (2D/3D) to be compiled into 3 x 6 x 3" popcorn box. Deadline: April 1997. Box 703, Navesink, NJ 07752 USA.

Rubberstamp Exchange continues. Send one to three new or used unmounted rubberstamps and receive the same number in exchange. No flawed stamps, please. Ongoing. No deadline. Send to M.B. Corbett, P.O. Box 155, Preston Park, PA 18455-0155.

Circus. Postmodern, psychotic humorous, desperately emotional, whatever. Any medium, any size. No returns. Documentation to all. Send to Melody Owen, 935 Patterson #8, Eugene, OR 97401.

Feathers or Insect Wings. Send your creatures, for a truly light and "airy" mail piece. Documentation to all who request it. Send from 8 September - 20 December 1996. Items will be displayed in January at "AIR" Mail "First in Flight" show, send to Robin and Andrielle, Inspirations, 74 Robbins Rd., Franklin, NC 28734.

Manifesto. Send personal/political manifestos. any theme/ medium. Must be Xeroxable. Documentation and returns to all. Send to Manifesto, BM Roundabout, London, England WC1N 3XX.

All About the Fox! all free with documentation every January! Send to: Michael Fox, Rostocker Strasse 3, D-31141 Hildesheim, Germany. Deadline: ongoing.

Two Projects Mail Art Call: Rabbit Moon, project I, exploring the myths of either/both. Any size, no returns. Documentation to all, twice a year. Deadline: ongoing. Coffee Coffee Coffee, project II, Is it Heaven or Hell? Any size, no returns. Documentation to all, twice a year. Deadline: ongoing. Mail your work to Skybridge Studio/Thunder Site, P.O. Box 2056, Marion, IN 46952. Women Make Art. Any medium, any size. Deadline: ongoing. Call for women to give them validation, value and time to their art, and the time they spend making it. To support the fact that nurturing creativity is an integral part of their lives and for some, may have been a transformational experience; helping these women to better understand themselves and their interests. Can include but is not limited to such works as poetry, journaling, typesetting, fine arts, assemblage, fiber arts, jewelry making. Documentation: List of participants 1x month, yearly, summary list. Exposure: circulating archive to those interested, possible show. No returned works. Send works to uhoh posto, 3323 Edward Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054.

When I was Five. Do you have a particularly vivid memory of an event from when you were the age of five? If so, please send me some kind of evidence of this memory, 2-D or 3-D, written or visual. For inclusion in exhibition in December. Send to Imogen Clarke, c/o MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Rd., London SE5 8UF. Deadline: ongoing.

Images of Elvis. Send your images of "The King". No returns. Send to Clive Earley, Rolls Farm, Peldon, Colchester C)5 7QA, England. Deadline: ongoing

Fragments. Send me your response(s) to the theme of Fragments. For research work on envisioning information in relation to the subject of book arts. Resulting in exhibition in December. Any size, any medium, just so long as it is mailable or faxable. Documentation and invitation to all. Send to Imogen Clarke, c/o MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Rd, London SE5 8UF, England. Deadline: ongoing.

Art Myths. any size, any medium, exhibition in 1997. Documentation to all. No returns no jury. Send to Bruno Pollacci, Via G. Bonamici 8, 56122 Pisa, Italy. Deadline: 31 December 1996.

Don't Dispose of... Send me your leftover soap--fragments and disintegrated remnants especially welcome. Also any quirky wrappings and "souvenir" hotel toiletries as part of a mail art project leading to an installation. Any thoughts, scribbles, photos, etc. relating to ablution rites much appreciated. Documentation to all. Send to Jacquelyn Rixon, 5 Edina St. (2Fl.) Edinburgh EH7 5PN, Scotland. Deadline: 30 November.

THE END seeks architectural models of houses but with the following stipulation: the model of the house must be built, somehow, inside a bottle. The preferred bottle for the model is a 16 oz. plastic Coke bottle, with or without a label. Send to: Coke House,c/o THE END, Box 1332, Culver City, CA 90232 USA. If you cannot find this bottle type then you may use any bottle that you wish. Plastic is best, since it will not break in the mail. Models will not be returned. All who submit will receive documentation. Regardless, it is best that you photograph your model first. Please send a picture of yourself and a brief resume. This project is ONGOING, but it would be best to submit before the end of 1997. The house inside the bottle may be considered a beach house or a dream house. You may decide. Surprises are best. Even skyscrapers are acceptable.

Women and Mail Art Celebration. All women working in this media are invited to send 75 copies of one page showing their art work. These pages will be collated, bound and shipped. Please include your name, address, and a $5.00 s/h contribution. If you prefer sending in your original page and have it copied here, include a $8.75 check. The first issue of this book is scheduled for International Womens Week in March 1997. For more information, contact Patricia Tavenner, P.O. Box 11032,, Oakland, CA 94611.

The Joyful Noise. Ring a bell! Bang a gong! Pound a drum! On 31 October 1996 at 6 p.m.eastern standard time join the Joyful Noise. Once you have made your noise, create a mail or email art piece to commemorate your experience. Please limit size to 8 x 10 inches. Send all work to rl ewing, Box 24046, 70 N. Court St., Thunder Bay, Ont., Canada P7A 8A9. email: Deadline: 1 March 1997. Exhibit opens 21 March 1997. All entries will be exhibited.

Hamsters. I like hamsters. Please send me pictures, photos and anything about hamsters. Material and size free. No deadline. I will send you my picture. Send to Kazuki Ashida, 3-8-2-405, Honjo-higashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531 Japan.

The Great Geezerkunstkrafters Premier Postcard Exhibition sort of curated by Walter Askin of Pasadena, California is a traveling show of postcards by Askin, Karl Benjamin, Theophilus Brown, Lee Chesney, William Crutchfield, Warrington Colescott, Leonard Edmondson, James Fuller, Gaylen Hansen, Wayne Kimball, John King, Lynwood Kreneck, Leonard Lehrer, Michael Ott, Gerald Purdy, James Strombotne Emerson Woelffer, and Paul Wonner, which opened in May at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, and has been traveling to Brigham Young University in Utah and other venues. The exhibit is ready to hang and will take a maximum of 25 or 30 running feet Announcements are already printed except for time and place--and to have a mail art show by renowned and seasoned painters from out West would be a great book to Floating Rock Enterprises, P.O. Box D, So. Pasadena, CA 91031-0120.

Corrugated Paper Mail Art. Please send your work on corrugated paper, any kind is OK. Send to Reika Yamamoto, 4-7-7 Eirakuso, Toyonaka-City, Osaka 560, Japan.

Body Project No. 1: Collarbone. The Body Art analyst, Saho Tanaka, would like to ask you to decorate her collarbone. Send items to decorate. Also leave your message on her body and face. Send your work to Saho Tanaka, #107 10-26 Jondoso Nishinomiya, Hiyogo 662 Japan. Documentation to all. Need for free thinkers and world peace.

Prozac Project. Please post past Prozac packets promptly for personal photo project (it's the inside foily bits I want). Send to Flat 6, 7 Hartington St., Derby DE23 8EB, England. Deadline: ongoing

Demanding the Impossible. A mail art show at a gallery in central Dublin (early 1998), to explore the relationship between art and anarchy. All work given to the public when the show finishes. All media. . No returns, documentation to all. Send to Gary Crighton, 66 Blessington St., Dublin 7, Republic of Ireland. Deadline: December 1997.

Postcart. As part of a mail art project, we want to create a network of communication (text and image) between English-speaking countries and France. Our aim is to elaborate a durable correspondence. All your answers are welcome. Send us your text and image creations in a postcard form with your address. All correspondents will receive a reply. Send to Ecole regionale des Beaux-Arts, 109 Ave. de Paris, 50100 Cherbourg, France.

Your Face. Please send me a video of your face on a VHS tape. It will be used for an installation in Holland next year. Documentation to all. Send to Stefano Pasquini, Flat 7, 22 St. George's Dr., London SW1V 5BN, England. Deadline: ongoing

All that Glitters. Send all plain, silvered, gold, shiny colored papers, e.g. inside wrappers of chocolate bars, easter eggs, chocolates, etc. for installation in 1996-97 in Oxford and London venue. Send to 62 Warwick St., Oxford OX4 1SZ, England.

Millennium Project. I am seeking postcards sent between 1900 and the present day for a postcard history of the English-speaking peoples. No particular type of image, or text. Only criteria are that they should be written in English with visible date of postmark. All contributions acknowledged. Send to Tom Phillips, 57 Talfourd Rd., London SE15 5NN, England. (Yes, the Tom Phillips).

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