2000 artists postcards in 2000 days, one by one handmade in a rich variety of themes and techniques by Angela and Peter Netmail and mailed out during the last 2000 days of this millenium equals a unique project of mail as art In the long tradition of artists postcards which started soon after the invention of the "correspondence card" over 100 years ago. This includes lots of networking events and homages to other mail artists. The collection was shown for the first time in Holland as an "exhibition in progress" with a new add-to daily. The Netmails are looking for more exhibition sites. Please let them know if you are interested in showing this singular collection. Mail to Angela & Peter Netmail, P.O. Box 2644, D-32383 Minden, Germany.

New York Correspondence School, a survey of the beginnings of the mail arat movement, including work by Ray Johnson, May Wilson, John Evans and E.M. Plunkett from the fifties and sixties will be shown from 5 July through 31 August 1997 at the Stamp Art Gallery, San Francisco.

E-PĂle-MĂle (1994-1995) is an Electronic Mail Art Netzine, edited by Guy Bleus and published by the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst in Hasselt. From April 1994 on, Bleus explains the gathering of his thoughts and images concerning Mail Art, email, archives. Included are the list of E-Netlanders, as well as essays on the role of the Postman and his Electronic Shadow, various essays about Mail Art in different countries, Ray Johnson's death and much more. Much to read. Softcover but sturdy. For more information, email to or write to Guy Bleus - 42.292, P.B. 43, 3830 Wellen, Belgium.

Global Mail has a change of address. If you're interested in mailt, publications, assemblages, email, international exchanges, audio, poliltics, art projects, culturalnews, and commentarys by artists in the Network, write to Global Mail, Grove City Factory Stores, PA 16127. There are 600 addresses with 150 websites. $12.00 for 3 numbers.

R­paration de Po­sie: Artist Book #7/Postcards celebrates the 10th anniversary of the RDP Collective in Quebec. Includes participation of artists from Germany, Canada, Corsica, Spain, the U.S., France, Italy, Quebec, U.K., Switzerland and Uruguay. $50.00 Canadian for a copy from RdP, 359 rue Lavigueur app. 1, Quebec, Canada G1R 1B3.

Rubberstamp Box Sets at Stamp Art Gallery, 466 8th St., San Francisco, CA during September and October 1997. Included are works by Alison Knowles, Peter Moore, Eric Andersen, Jeff Berner, Ken Friedman, Geoffrey Hendricks, Takako Saito, nd Mieko Shiomi among others.

Harald Vlugt: Hotel Europa was displayed at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from 30 June - 24 August, showing the installation of the map of Europe, divided in 1092 parts, from which 715 pieces were mailed through Europe and "returned to sender."

RUBBERSTAMP EXHIBITION CATALOGS Flux Post Kit 7 is a history and chronology of the Flux Post Kit 7 which resurrects the sources and the history of this Fluxus artifact. $15.00 from Stamp Art Gallery, 466 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

The Rubber Stamps of Ray Johnson is a catalog of impressions of Ray Johnson's ruberstamps as displayed at the Stamp Art Gallery in San Francisco from 3 May - 28 June 1997. These impressions were made by John Held Jr. from the Ray Johnson estate. The catalog is accompanied by an interview with Ray Johnson held in 1977 by Held, as well as a story by Picasso Gaglione about a personal event dealing with a rubber stamp and Ray Johnson. $15.00 from Stamp Art Gallery, 466 8th St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

Mail Art Deadlines

Minden's 1200th Birthday in 1998. Any medium, postcard size, theme is firm. All contributions will be filmed on video and shown on New Year's Eve on a 10m supersize screen open air in front of Minden's 1200-year-old cathedral. Your work and name will be in big letters to start the year of celebration. Free video cassette in VHS Pal to each participant. Sponsored by e.m.r. Elktrizitatswerk Minden-Ravensberg GmbH. For information about Minden or to send a finished work, send to Minden City Jubilee, Netmail, P.O. Box 2644, D 32383 Minden, Germany. The artistamp to celebrate this anniversary was designed by Angela & Peter Netmail. Deadline: 30 September 1997.

3 Little Pigs and the Wolf. No deadline. Answer to all. Exhibitions. Art work to be only: 9 x 14 or A4 or very big poster. Story in any languages, old or new. Send to Baudhuin Simon Hog Fluxus, 71 rue d'Hoffschmidt, B 6720 Habay, Belgium.

Corrugated Paper Mail Art Project. Please send your work on corrugated paper. Any kind is o.k. Send to Reika Yamamoto, 4-7-7 Eirakuso, Toyonaka-City, Osaka 560, Japan.

All About the Fox! All free with documentation every January! Send to Michael Fox, Rostocker Strasse 3, D-31141 Hildesheim, Germany. Deadline: Ongoing.

Art of Shoes. No deadline. Please send an idea of Shoes which you imagine, you are wearing now, or of your favorite illustration. Photograph, Collage, and any kind is o.k. Send to Yayoi Yoshitome, 1-1-10 Koshienguchi, Nishinomiya 663, Japan.

Dada is Everywhere Mail Art Show: All work exhibited. Documentation to all. 3 x 5" or 4 x 6" postcards only. Send to Stamp Francisco, Stamp Art Gallery, 466 Eighth St. San Francisco, CA 94103. Deadline: Ongoing to November 1997. Thread Networking. Send a thread (tape, cord, rope, etc.) to Reika Yamamoto, 3-5-60 Uenohigashi, Toyonaka, Japan 560. You can also send mythology, story, painting concerning a thread. Documentation to all.

Mani Art. International networker magazine assembling mail art for 10 years. Send 60 originals or copies, 21 x 15 cm. in return receive collection of all submitting artists' works. Any medium, any theme. Send to Mani Art, Galerie Postale, Pascall Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France.

The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp. Send your original black and white work, 14 x 21 cm. Subject: Fresh Window. Documentation to all participants. Send to The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp 10, Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne 60680 Grandfresnoy, France. No deadline.

Artistamp Exchange. Creative exchange. If you send four or more artistamps, you will receive the same number zine exchange. Send to Arte Correo Sudaca, Jorge Garnica, JR Velasco 816, 1414 Buenos Aires, Argentina. No deadline.

Gnome. Send me your gnomes, original or modified. Guardians of the treasurs of the Earth and/or aphorims. Any medium, any text. A4 max. No returns, documentation to all. Deadline: December 1998. Send to Alan Turner, 10 Rathcoole Gardens, London N8 9NB, England.

Hamburger Art. Collect some discarded hamburger packing from the street. Use it to make an art work. Any medium, collage, etc. Send details of place, circumstances of discovery and comments. A4 maximum. No returns, documetnation to all. No deadline. Send to Alan Turner, 10 Rathcoole Gardens, London N8 9N, England.

Fluxus. Ongoing, updating flux. Mail Art, happenings, social sculpture. Send addressed envelope to participate to Stephen Harding, The Old Rectory, Symondsbury DT6 6HF, England.

Kitchen Tables. Send a photograph of your kitchen table--best examples of it in day-to-day use--for exhibition. Documentation to all. Send to Nathan, 31 Russell Sq., Brighton BN1 2EE, England. No deadline.

The Rubber Stamp Exchange is a continuing project of the A 1 Waste Paper Company , 71 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6DX, England. Send your old stamps and get new ones in return.

Images of Elvis. Send your images of "The King". No returns. Send to Clive Earley, Rolls Farm, Peldon, Colchester CO5 7QA, England. Deadline: ongoing

Animals. Any medium, any size. Send to Pungucz Karoly, str Miroitei 43, 4800 TG, Mures, Rumania. Deadline: Ongoing.

Cyberstamps. Send work on the theme of cyberstamps. No returns, artwork will be placed in a commemorative stampsheet over the Internet. Size must be exactly 1.5" wide x 2" long. Color and bold designs preferred. Commemorative stampsheets will be presented in the first World Wide Web mail art exhibition. Send to Cyberstamps, WWW Artistamp Gallery, P.O. Box 370, Etna, NH 03750 USA or as GIF. File to Cathryn L.

Artist Book Mailart. Any theme, any size, no returns but documentation to all. Books will be displayed on the WWW at Mail your book to Planet Dada, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, England. Deadline: 31 October 1997. USSR 1049 - Orange. Experimental & conceptual Mail Art folio/journal/artist's book. Send 20 original works, maximum size 240mm x 170mm, open theme. Send art, documents, references, visual poetry, diagrams, drawings, prints, photos, text etc. to: USSR 1049 - Orange, Watson Press "Cestria" 21 Gladstone St., Hartlepool, Cleveland TS24 OPE, England. Compiled every 20 contributions copy of folio to each participant. Rubberstamp Exchange continues. Send one to three new or used unmounted rubberstamps and receive the same number in exchange. No flawed stamps, please. Ongoing. No deadline. Send to M.B. Corbett, P.O. Box 155, Preston Park, PA 18455-0155.

Circus. Postmodern, psychotic humorous, desperately emotional, whatever. Any medium, any size. No returns. Documentation to all. Send to Melody Owen, 935 Patterson #8, Eugene, OR 97401.

Two Projects Mail Art Call: Rabbit Moon, project I, exploring the myths of either/both. Any size, no returns. Documentation to all, twice a year. Deadline: ongoing. Coffee  Coffee  Coffee, project II, Is it Heaven or Hell? Any size, no returns. Documentation to all, twice a year. Deadline: ongoing. Mail your work to Skybridge Studio/Thunder Site, P.O. Box 2056, Marion, IN 46952.

Train Tickets. I live next to a train station. Every day trains arrive and leave. I just have to get into one of them and a few hours later, I'm in another town, city or country. Imagine a train ticket for the destination of your choice and send it back to me. No rejection or return, free size and technique. Documentation to all. Send to Anthony Geffroy, 6 rue de la Gare, 35220 Chateaubourg, France. Ongoing.

Totem. Any size, any medium, documentation to all. Do you have a personal totem? Send to Marilyn Dammann, P.O. Box 115, Baraga, MI 49908 USA. Deadline: 31 December 1997.

Corrugated Paper Mail Art. Please send your work on corrugated paper, any kind is OK. Send to Reika Yamamoto, 4-7-7 Eirakuso, Toyonaka-City, Osaka 560, Japan.

Manifesto. Send personal/political manifestos. any theme/ medium. Must be Xeroxable. Documentation and returns to all. Send to Manifesto, BM Roundabout, London, England WC1N 3XX.

Disillusionment/Enlightenment. Do something with it. Any size, any technique. No jury, no fees, no returns. Documentation to all. Please use in your piece "I used to think that..." Ideas on social issues especially welcome. Sheer silliness, too. Possible display in environment where both adlts and children will be seeing your work. Send to: I Used to Think That..." arto posto, 199 14th St. N.E., #2505, Atlanta, GA 30309-3691 USA. Deadline: 1 December 1997. Renegade Library, an exhibition of collaborative mail art in book form, curated by Lois Klaassen. In keeping with the principles of mail art (informal, portable & alternative), collaboration (multiple authorship, collective identity), and the spirit of the book, this project will be presented as a temporary reading room. Prepare now to participate in this exhibition by creating collaborative bookworks. All submissions will be exhibited (no jury, no returns) 2 July - 22 August 1998. Deadline: 1 June 1998. Documentation to all, including mailing addresses of all participants after the show. Send by snail mail to The Renegade Library, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, 638 Princess Ave., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 0P3 or fax: (204)726-8139, or email:

Women Make Art. Any medium, any size. Deadline: ongoing. Call for women to give them validation, value and time to their art, and the time they spend making it. To support the fact that nurturing creativity is an integral part of their lives and for some, may have been a transformational experience; helping these women to better understand themselves and their interests. Can include but is not limited to such works as poetry, journaling, typesetting, fine arts, assemblage, fiber arts, jewelry making. Documentation: List of participants 1x month, yearly, summary list. Exposure: circulating archive to those interested, possible show. No returned works. Send works to uhoh posto, 3323 Edward Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Fragments. Send me your response(s) to the theme of Fragments. For research work on envisioning information in relation to the subject of book arts. Resulting in exhibition in December. Any size, any medium, just so long as it is mailable or faxable. Documentation and invitation to all. Send to Imogen Clarke, c/o MA Book Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Rd, London SE5 8UF, England. Deadline: ongoing.

Wired Up. Send your undercover sounds to Unit 2, international union of mail artists secret service. Send tape(s), digital sound files or transcripts. No returns, documentation to all. Send to Unit 7, c/oMr. Brown, Jordanstr. 35, 60486 Frankfurt, Germany. email:

Mail Art for the Phillipines. Any theme. No returns or rejections. Send to Patsy Paterno, 91 Roces Ave., QC 1103, Philippines. Deadline: Ongoing.

THE END seeks architectural models of houses but with the following stipulation: the model of the house must be built, somehow, inside a bottle. The preferred bottle for the model is a 16 oz. plastic Coke bottle, with or without a label. Send to: Coke House, c/o THE END, Box 1332, Culver City, CA 90232 USA. If you cannot find this bottle type then you may use any bottle that you wish. Plastic is best, since it will not break in the mail. Models will not be returned. All who submit will receive documentation. Regardless, it is best that you photograph your model first. Please send a picture of yourself and a brief resume. This project is ONGOING, but it would be best to submit before the end of 1997. The house inside the bottle may be considered a beach house or a dream house. You may decide. Surprises are best. Even skyscrapers are acceptable.

Women and Mail Art Celebration. All women working in this media are invited to send 75 copies of one page showing their art work. These pages will be collated, bound and shipped. Please include your name, address, and a $5.00 s/h contribution. If you prefer sending in your original page and have it copied here, include a $8.75 check. The first issue of this book is scheduled for International Womens Week in March 1997. For more information, contact Patricia Tavenner, P.O. Box 11032, Oakland, CA 94611.

Dreams of the Millennium: The Millennium approaches. Will the year 2000 (or 2001) be just another year or will our universe change in ways we cannot yet imagine? Send me your written dream(s) on this subject--or other ruminous/luminous dreams and in return receive a copy of other dreams submitted. Send to Elaine Langerman, 3716 Yuma St. NW, Washington, DC 20015. Deadline: ongoing

Hamsters. I like hamsters. Please send me pictures, photos and anything about hamsters. Material and size free. No deadline. I will send you my picture. Send to Kazuki Ashida, 3-8-2-405, Honjo-higashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531 Japan.

Gallery Beljaevo. Mail Art show in Moscow. Any size,any medium. No jury. Documentation to all after show in April. Send to Gik Juri, 117279, Ostrovijanova st, 35a room 191, Moscow, Russia or Bushueva Marina, 117279 Gallery Beljaevo, Profsojusnaja st. 100, Moscow, Russia.

Mailboxes All over the World. Please send reproductions (photos preferred) of mail boxes from your town, your houses, your post office, to the networker. Exhibition in 1997. No deadline. Documentation to all. Send to Bruno Capatti, Via Bordocchia 69, 44020 Dogato (FE), Italy.

Fridges. Send a photograph of your refrigerator doors, with or without magnets, chits, stickers, shopping lsits, post-it notes, etc. Send to Stephen Whiting, 142 Brunswick St., Cheltenham GL50 4HB, England.

Back to Bed. Men: send a photo of your back. Women: send a photo of your lover's back. Any size, color, format (of photo--or back!) No selection, all photos will form part of a bedroom installation show later this year. Documentation to all. Send to "Last Impressions", c/o Flat 1, Lummaton House, Lummaton Cross, Barton, Torquay TQ2 8ET, England. Deadline: 30 September 1997.

Puddle. Please send stories, drawings, photos poems, antyhing. . Documentation to all. Send to Dani Hall, 3 Eldon Rd., Reading RG1 4EN, England. Deadline: ongoing.

Cardmaker. Georgine M. Witta's project of handmade postcards. Send 25 artcards (max. size 10 x 15 cm.) and receive your deck of miscellaneous mail artists' postcards. No deadline. Ongoing. Contact Goergine M. Witta, Sankt Hansgade 20, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark.

As Blue as I Wanna Be. Whatever BLUE means to you. All mail art will be displayed at Gallery 1114, a small contemporary cooperative gallery. No fees, no jury, no returns. Documentation to all. Any sales will benefit gallery. Deadline: 1 December 1997. Show opening on 17 January . Restrictions: No Live Poultry. Mail entries to Gallery 1114, 1114 Big Spring St., Midland, TX 79701.

Demanding the Impossible, Dublin 1998. Explores the relationship etween art and anarchy. The exhibition will take place in early 1998 at a gallery in central Dublin and all work submitted will be given to the public at the end of the show. No returns, no jury, any medium, all work must be sent through the mail (snail mail) to be accepted. Deadline: December 1997. Please send to Gary Crighton, 66 Blessington St., Dublin 7, Ireland.

Art of Windows. Please send pictures or photos about windows (taken from outside or inside). Any size, no deadlines. Mail to Antoine Cupial, Art of Windows, 2 IMP du Muguet, 03410 Domerat, France.

The Great Geezerkunstkrafters Premier Postcard Exhibition sort of curated by Walter Askin of Pasadena, California is a traveling show of postcards by Askin, Karl Benjamin, Theophilus Brown, Lee Chesney, William Crutchfield, Warrington Colescott, Leonard Edmondson, James Fuller, Gaylen Hansen, Wayne Kimball, John King, Lynwood Kreneck, Leonard Lehrer, Michael Ott, Gerald Purdy, James Strombotne, Emerson Woelffer, and Paul Wonner, which opened in May at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, and has been traveling to Brigham Young University in Utah and other venues. The exhibit is ready to hang and will take a maximum of 25 or 30 running feet Announcements are already printed except for time and place--and to have a mail art show by renowned and seasoned painters from out West would be a great book to Floating Rock Enterprises, P.O. Box D, So. Pasadena, CA 91031-0120.

Body Project No. 1: Collarbone. The Body Art analyst, Saho Tanaka, would like to ask you to decorate her collarbone. Send items to decorate. Also leave your message on her body and face. Send your work to Saho Tanaka, #107 10-26 Jondoso Nishinomiya, Hiyogo 662 Japan. Documentation to all. Need for free thinkers and world peace.

Prozac Project. Please post past Prozac packets promptly for personal photo project (it's the inside foily bits I want). Send to Flat 6, 7 Hartington St., Derby DE23 8EB, England. Deadline: ongoing

Demanding the Impossible. A mail art show at a gallery in central Dublin (early 1998), to explore the relationship between art and anarchy. All work given to the public when the show finishes. All media. No returns, documentation to all. Send to Gary Crighton, 66 Blessington St., Dublin 7, Republic of Ireland. Deadline: December 1997.

Admission Tickets & MacDonald's Tray Sheets. Send your unwanted admission tickets (preferably sugarpaper/raffle ticket variety) and unsoiled MacDonald's burger bar tray cover sheets (esp. foreign). No returns, documentation to all. Send to S. Chapman, 170 Upper Fant Road, Maidstone ME16 8JD, England.

Pips-Dada-Corporation. Box editions from Claudia Putz, Prinz-Albert-Str. 31 D-53113 Bonn, Germany. Write to find out how to participate. Crosses from the World: Homage to Indigenous People. Send your cross to Hans BraumȘller, Osterstr. 98, 20259 Hamburg, Germany, Mother Earth.

Postcard. As part of a mail art project, we want to create a network of communication (text and image) between English-speaking countries and France. Our aim is to elaborate a durable correspondence. All your answers are welcome. Send us your text and image creations in a postcard form with your address. All correspondents will receive a reply. Send to Ecole regionale des Beaux-Arts, 109 Ave. de Paris, 50100 Cherbourg, France.

Your Face. Please send me a video of your face on a VHS tape. It will be used for an installation in Holland next year. Documentation to all. Send to Stefano Pasquini, Flat 7, 22 St. George's Dr., London SW1V 5BN, England. Deadline: ongoing

All that Glitters. Send all plain, silvered, gold, shiny colored papers, e.g. inside wrappers of chocolate bars, Easter eggs, chocolates, etc. for installation in 1996-97 in Oxford and London venue. Send to 62 Warwick St., Oxford OX4 1SZ, England.

Tibet Mail Art. Ongoing call for mailart with the theme Free Tibet. Works will be exhibited athte Living Poets website: from the end of October 1996. No jury, no fees, no returns.. Any media, maximum size A4, c/or Dragonheart Press, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, Unitked Kingdom.

Mother Earth, Father Land. Maril art poject. Postcards. No returns. Deadline: End of December 1997. Send to Ulla Rohr-Switzerland, Langenhardstr. 51, CH-8486 Rikon, Switzerland.

Eye Projekt. Ongoing, no deadline. Cut out all eyes from a selected newspaper, mount them on an A 5 paper sheet. Note title and exact date on the botto Send to Komkol Autoprod, Monrads Gate 21 B, N-0564 Oslo, Norway. Fax: (47)22-17-62-25.

Lips of the Network. Send a lip print to Boog, P.O. Box 1313, Lawrence, KS 66044 USA. Stampsheet to each participant. Red or black works best.

Millennium Project. I am seeking postcards sent between 1900 and the present day for a postcard history of the English-speaking peoples. No particular type of image, or text. Only criteria are that they should be written in English with visible date of postmark. All contributions acknowledged. Send to Tom Phillips, 57 Talfourd Rd., London SE15 5NN, England. (Yes, the Tom Phillips).

Mel Torme's Amazing Way of Life. The highest ideals guide the most intelligent actions within a global strategy, without excusions, with a single aim to get etter. One of the project's fundamental actions is the edition of international stamps through Glas Post, integrating the Mel Torme's Amazing Way of Life Postal Network, and our IICN (International Interactive Collaboration Network), open to every kind of project, invitations to participate will be welcomed. Send to Glas Post, Av La Plata 148, 1ż{"4", 1184 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This is Ray Johnson from the Other Side! Ray Johnson has a need to express himself from the other side. Ray has asked me to put out a call for those ready, willing and able to channel his mail art from the other side. If you are tuned in, please send your messages from Ray. Send to Ray Lives! Mail Art from the Otherside, c/o BabaMamaDadaDan, P.O. Box 632592, San Diego, CA 92163 USA.

Reminders to Breathe. Send me art to help me take a deep breath! No restrictions but remember I live in a matchbox, so keep it small. No documentationbut I'll send you a reminder to breathe too. No deadline. Send to Ayun Halliday, 406e - 9th St. #7, New York, NY 10009.

Renegade Library. The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba invites contributions to the Renegade Library, an exhibition of collaborative mail art in book form, curated by Lois Klassen, 2 July - 22 August 1998. In keeping with the principles of mail art, collaboraiton, and the spirit of the book, this project will be presented in a temporary reading room. All submissions will be exhibited. No jury, no returns. Documentation to all participating artists after the show. Send to: The Renegade Library, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, 638 Princess Ave., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A OP3, fax: {00 1}204 726 8139, email: Deadline: 1 June 1998.

Charros Postales is a Mexican art collective directed by Gerardo Padilla and Gerado Yepiz, who seek the collaboration of creative young minds and the unity of Mexican artists through Mail Art and the electronic media. Events anÙę 1Û¶ns will be ÒV°unced soon. Writ Gerardo Yepiz, zafiro 108 Valle Dorado, Ensenada, B.C.

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