Moving without Motion. For inclusion in 23-24 reception in April, send by 19 April 1999 work in all mediums, any size, no jury, no returns, documentation to all participants. Send to Moving without Motion, the Creative Eye studio, 17827 Denker Ave., Gardena, CA 90248 USA. Project deadline: 31 July 1999.

Messages for the New Millennium. The Peace Museum requests submissions for an exhibition of international postcard messages for the new millennium. The postcard messages will come from around the world from peace museums, cultural institutions, artist groups, school groups, international mail art groups, cyberspace, celebrities and musicians. Any medium, all submissions must be flat with a maximum size of 8.5 x 11". Open to all individuals. All submissions will become property of the Peace Museum. Exhibition: 3 December 1999 to February 2000 and then travel to peace museums internationally. Documentation to all! Deadline: 1 November 1999. Send to The Peace Museum, 314 West Institute Place, Chicago, IL 60610.

Tibet Mail Art. Ongoing call for mailart with theme of "Free Tibet". Works will be exhibited at the Living Poets website: No jury, no fees, no returns. Any media, maximum size A4. Send to: Dragonheart Press, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, United Kingdom. Deadline: none.

Dreams of the Millennium: The Millennium approaches. Will the year 2000 (or 2001) be just another year or will our universe change in ways we cannot yet imagine? Send me your written dream(s) on this subject--or other ruminous/luminous dreams and in return receive a copy of other dreams submitted. Send to Elaine Langerman, 3716 Yuma St. NW, Washington, DC 20015. Deadline: ongoing

Limping or Soaring to the Millennium. Images & text preferred. Max. Size: 15.24 x 12.86 cm. Deadline: 31 December 1999. The Sticker Dude Institute, Ragged Edge Press, 102 Fulton St., New York, NY 10038. Or send e-mal to

Artists' Stamps. To contribute to a philatelic exhibition to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Please send 100 examples of your own postage stamp, a project of postage stamps for a real or fictitious nation or both. Every participant will receive a souvenir print. If you have an in Internet Connection, please have a look at Micronations to give you some suggestions. For a more spectacular result, send more than 100 stamps. They can be included in more booklets. Send all material to Rastorfer J-M, Case 54, Bergiere, CH 1000 Lausanne, Switzerland. Deadline: Unknown.

The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp. Send your original black and white work. 14 x 21 cm. Subject: Fresh Window. Documentation to all participants. Send to: The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp, 10, Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France. Deadline: Unknown.

Jokers. From a real or imaginary deck of cards, decorated or not. The Jokers will be put into a book. No deadline. Occasional documentation. All contributions will be included. Send to Jokers! P.O. Box 31848, Seattle, WA 98103.

Rubberstamp Mailart Project. Online documentation. Send unusual/fluxus/dada/surreal rubberstamps (not images). No returns. Send to Planet Dada, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, UK. Deadline: 31 December 1999.

Ireland Today. Artists of the international mail art network & Irish artists are invited to send their viewpoint of the Ireland of today. Maximum size A4 (ca. 21x30 cm). Any technique & medium. No jury, no sales & no return. Documentation to all. Deadline:1 July 1999. Send to: Francis Fan Mail, P.O.Box 66, L-6401 Echternach, Luxembourg, Exhibition: In different places in County Mayo, Ireland in August 1999.Internet:, list of participants, gallery and details about exhibitions. Catalogue: a documentation will be sent to all participants after the show. Supported by Mayo County Council.

191: A Mail Art Assemblage Zine. Urgent call for themed submissions. Send 24 pages 1/4 A4 size, leaving 1 cm. On the longest edge and receive a bound issue of the zine. Specific upcoming themed issues desperately in need of submissions to complete those already received are: Picasso & Cubism, Artistamps. Mail pages to Planet Dada 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, England.

Signs & Stones & Snakes. Any size, any medium. Documentation and installation in the Cureghem area in Belgium. The Snake Project is a mural painting project around a new park in construction in a deprived neighborhood in Brussels. Help to restore the social tissue! Break the isolation of local people with your art! Rebirth is the medicine of the snake. Curator: Guido Vermeulen, P.O. Box 243, B1210 Brussels, Belgium. Deadline: 1 January 2000.

Artist Notebooks (III). Artist notebooks will enter its third year and jump into the new millennium. Send art & stories of your lives in notebooks (handmade or bought). Contribute to the memory 8in bookform of how (mail)artists saw the end of this century, what they did, how they related to the world, who their friends &lovers were, what was their art all about, where they lived, how their environment related to art & way of life, etc. Follow up documentation will be produced after the very successful but controversial one in 1998 (cfr the Numero debate). Travel exhibitions with the notebooks will follow. Notebook rituals will be documented as my own life develops according to the patterns of nature. The science of life can be witnessed in each flower. Deadline: 1 January 2000. Send to Guido Vermeulen, P.O. Box 243, B1210 Brussels, Belgium.

My Head is a Mirror of Art. In our heads are gathered all the pluses and minuses, all the arithmetic and dividends of the art of this century. Let's count and make the balance to shape the new millennium of art. Any size, any medium. Documentation to all. Deadline is 5 May 1999. Send to Stanislav Tropp, Turecka 263, 97602 Stare Hory, Slovakia.

Leaves and Leave-takings. Any medium, no deadline, reply to all and new documentation to expect. Send to Bonita McLaughlin, 41A Richardson Rd., Leverett, MA 01054 USA.

Brazil 500 years. A celebration of the discovery of Brazil 500 years ago. Any medium, maximum size: A4. Deadline: 31 July 1999. Exhibition and documentation. Send to Galeria de Arte Vera Ferro, Rua Helena Steimberg 348, Campinas Sao Paulo, 13092-481 Brasil.

The Secret Life of a Mermaid. 2D, size: A-4. Send your picture, poem, story, song, drawing, painting, collage etc. to: Zena Zero Press, Dilgtweg 26 9751 NH Haren, The Netherlands. Answer to all.

Marriage, Cryptic Style. Use a term or euphemism for marriage as the basis for your piece. Some examples include marriage, matrimony wedlock; 'tying the knot', 'making it legal', 'taking the plunge', 'jumping the broom', 'buying the cow', 'making an honest woman of her'. Or use terms/ euphemisms for the concept of spouse like: husband and wife, life partners; 'the old ball and chain', 'the little missus', 'one's better half', 'one's lord and master', 'trouble and strife', 'she whom all must obey'. Don't, by any means, feel limited by this list! These are just the terms which came to mind as I sat down to write this. Positive or negative representations or spoofs of these, or other, terms for marriage and the concept of the spouse are welcome. Please feel free to participate whatever your opinion of the institution or any of its patrons. Media: Anything which can come through the mail No returns, no fees, all pieces will be shown at my wedding reception on the weekend of June 26/27 (all participants will be notified of the time and place) and a catalog will be sent to all who participate. Deadline: 12 June 1999. Send to Carla Cryptic, PO Box 1274, Berkeley, CA 94701-1274.

Photobooth: Send your photobooth photos to: Igor Stevanvic, B. Jerkovic 215/17, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia. Documentation to all. No deadline.

Social Work. Dignity for all persons. What is your personal interpretation of Social Work? What cause strikes a chord in you? Pick a theme such as mental illness, child abuse, or address the general theme of social work. Deadline: 15 June 1999. Documentation to all who submit. No jury, no returns. Size limit to 8 x 5¸ inches. Any medium. Send to Hemingway, c/o J. Sebast, MSC #349, 100 Marymouont Ave., Tarrytown, NY 10591 USA.

Hopes for the Millennium. Show me your dreams, desires and plans for the coming year 2000. You see, I live with a man who believes the world as we know it will end and society will turn to a Mad Max kind way of life. I don't want to believe it. I want to have some hope. Join me. Any medium, any technique, no size restrictions, no doomsday stuff, no porno. Deadline: 31 December 1999. Documentation in 2000. Work will be displayed in my Internet Gallery at Dragonfly Dream,

Artist's Book Exchange. Send one of your artist's books to Pat. She will send you one of hers in return along with a list of all the addresses of other members of the exchange (currently 199 people from across the planet). After that it's up to you to negotiate exchanges with others on the list. Send to Pat Collins, Artist's Book Exchange, 128 Kingston Rd., Teddington, Middlesex, UK.

Postcard Exchange. Donate non-enveloped postcard for my Archive and you'll receive on in return. Send to Predrag Popovic, Brace Poljakovic 5, 34000 Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.

Transformation Through Reading. How has reading changed, expanded or transformed your life? Where has it taken you? Help me introduce mail art to my community. Submission guidelines. No jury. No returns. Documentation to all. Deadline: 30 September 1999. Size limit, no larger than 11 x 17 or 28cm. X 43 cm. No ex-rated materials. To be exhibited in a public library during the month of October 1999. E-mail address: Mailing address: Chapin Memorial Library, Att: Lesta Sue Hardee, 400 14th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA. Any questions, e-mail Lesta Sue Hardee. Otherwise, mail it.

Child Abuse. All media, no returns, no fees, no jury, max. size A4, documentation to all. International Art Project of "Catarinense Human Rights Society" and "Museum of International Contemporary Art". Deadline: 30 September 2000. All works must be sent to Dorian Ribas Marinho, Caixa Postal No. 676, Florianopolis (SC), Brazil 88010-970.

Visual Poetry Wanted. The magazine Signs of Santa Clara, the city where Che Guevara is buried, is preparing a special edition of visual poetry and they want work from around the world, because they don't have enough poems, and because visual poetry is not well known in Cuba. Send contributions to Revista Signos, gaveta Postal 19, Santa Clara, c.p. 50100, Villa Clara, Cuba.

Signal has a new e-mail address for Miroljub Todorovic at signal@ptt.yu. For those of you who may not know, Signal is a resurrected visual and word poetry periodical published in Belgrade which was suspended in the 1970s. It welcomes essays about all aspects of word art and visual poetry.

Marriage, Cryptic Style. Use a term or euphemism for marriage as the basis for your piece. Some examples include: marriage, matrimony, wedlock, "tying the knot", "making it legal", "taking the plunge", "mumping the broom", "buying the cow", "making an honest woman of her". Or use terms/ euphemisms for the concept of spouse like: husband and wife, life partners, "the old ball and chain", "the little missus", one"s better half", one's lord and master, trouble and strife, she whom all must obey. Don't, by any means, feel limited by this list! These are just the terms which come to mind as I sat down to write this. Positive or negative representations or spoofs of these, or other terms for marriage and the concept of the spouse are welcome. Please feel free to participate whatever your opinion of the institution or any of its patrons. Media: anything which can come through the mail. No returns, no fees, all pieces will be shown at my wedding reception on the weekend of June 26/27 (all participants will be notified of the time and place? And a catalog will be sent to all participants. Send to Carla Cryptic, P.O. Box 1274, Berkeley, CA 94701-1274.

Dignity vs. Blockade. Exhibition will be in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada the week of 11 - 17 July 1999 and will then re-located to Quebec City, and to Montreal, concluding in the House of Culture of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, in Havana, Cuba. No limits, any medium, any size. No returns. Catalog to all participants. Deadline: 1 July 1999. Send to Cuba, 40 Anniversary, 1924 rue Cartier, Montreal, P.Q., c.p. H2K 4E6, Canada.

E-mail alteration. Please alter this e-mail in any way you choose and return the results to Alan Bowman in e-mail form or as an attachment to: or on paper to: Via Lorenzago 15, int. 7, 30174 Mestre, Venezia, Italy. Please include a postal address for documentation. Any incompatible attachments will be reproduced in any way I can think of.

Handicap, The Rights of Man and Art. Send postcards. Deadline: 30 May 1999. School if one for physically handicapped by various genetic diseases. Send to L. Demont-Wasselin, M. Rohart, Ecole CEM Thalassa, Institut Cazin Perrochaud, 1 rue du grand hotel, 62600 Berck-sur-Mer, France.

Mani Art, mail art magazine. Send 60 pages, size 15x21 cm. Or 60 postcards. No black and white photocopies. Leave 1 cm. On longest side. Every contributor gets one issue with all works. No deadline. Send to Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France.

Millennium. Any medium. Will involve conferences, performances, exhibitions. Mysticism, magic, fear, anxiety, play, destruction and creation. Deadline: 15 November 1999. Send to Millennium, Vittorio Baccelli, c.p. 132, 55100 Lucca, Italy.

Polarities. The world is full of polarities, and we as humans are usually pulled between them. Empty/full, light/dark, good/bad, busy/still, complex/simple, hot/cold, love/hate...what are the polarities in your life now? Maximum size: 6 x 9 inches. Documentation to all. Exhibition will be posted on the website. Send to Polarities, c/o Cat, 5831 SE Taylor, Portland, OR 97215.

Children's Mail Art: Living in the Mirror, a self portrait and portrait of the living environment of children today. AGE LIMIT: 12 ! Project open to individual children and to groups (schools, youth houses, clubs, etc.) Any size, any medium.Deadline: 29 February 2000. No fees, no jury, no returns, all works will be displayed. Exhibitions from April to June 2000. Documentation to all participating children. Send to: Children Mail Art Project Living in the Mirror, Foyer VZW, c/o Francis Marissens, Werkhuizenstraaat 25, B1080 Brussels, Belgium. This project is a renegade collaboration between mail artists Luc Fierens, Annina Van Sebroeck, Florence Libotte, SŽbastien Vellut, Guido Vermeulen & Foyer Brussels, a socio-cultural association working mainly with immigrant youth as a regional integration center (coordinator for Foyer is Francis Marissens) & the Belgian Post Office (exhibitions are planned in Brussels' postoffices). Workshops with children will be organised in Brussels' schools and youth houses starting from May 99. The children attending the workshops will participate at this project and contribute to other mail art projects. Exchanges and contributions are planned with other children groups all over the world. Our international contacts to develop a mail art network for, from and between children are: Lois Klassen (Canada), Marilyn Brackney (USA), Julia Tant (England), RŸdiger Westphalen (Germany). This list will be growing together with the expanding project. Join this network! NETWORK ! Adult mail artists can support the project by sending art material for the children. We'll use this in the workshops. Donations will be mentioned to the kids and in the documentation.To the Parents: We'll protect all children: addresses will NOT be published or spread around. In the documentation we'll mention only the name, age and country of the child. Please mention this on every entry or contributed work.

Tahiono Arts Collective of Niue Island (South Pacific) has been invited to participate in the Third Asia Pacific Triennial exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia in September this year. Our project will consist of an installation created inside a 20 foot shipping container, which is being produced in Niue and then sent to Brisbane. To help reflect our global viewpoint we wish to invite artists from around the world to contribute to a Mail Art component within the installation. The interior of the container will be cluttered with a huge variety of paraphernalia including small art/craft works,.found objects etc. Although the title of the work is "Shrine to Abundance" it is not necessary that artworks should reflect this theme. However we are particularly interested in small 3 Dimensional objects. The deadline for receiving contributions will be the end of June 1999. All contributions will be acknowledged at the exhibition and a report on the installation's success will be sent to particpating Artists. Tahiono will retain the artworks. Please send contributions to: Tahiono Arts, PO Box 139 NIUE IS (Via New Zealand).

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