The Picasso Gaglione Collection at First Impression Rubber Stamp Art, 4803 N.E. Fremont, Portland, OR 97232 beginning on 3 September 1999.

The catalog for the exhibition " art?" Mail Art Projects in Berlin which was on exhibition from 19 June 1997 to 26 October 1997 at the Museum fr Post und Kommunikation in Berlin has recently been issued in a beautiful format. Full color printing has documented this Allegories of the 21st Century exhibition with 189 mail artists from 29 countries having taken part. Included is an introduction by the Director, Joachim Kallinich. Two years later, but it was worth waiting!

Pat Larter, long-time mail artist in Australia, died recently and her archive of mail art is on exhibit in Sydney organized by the Archives section of the Research Library, Art Gallery of New South Wales.

CALL FOR ENTRIES Messages for the New Millennium. The Peace Museum requests submissions for an exhibition of international postcard messages for the new millennium. The postcard messages will come from around the world from peace museums, cultural institutions, artist groups, school groups, international mail art groups, cyberspace, celebrities and musicians. Any medium, all submissions must be flat with a maximum size of 8.5 x 11". Open to all individuals. All submissions will become property of the Peace Museum. Exhibition: 3 December 1999 to February 2000 and then travel to peace museums internationally. Documentation to all! Deadline: 1 November 1999. Send to The Peace Museum, 314 West Institute Place, Chicago, IL 60610.

Tibet Mail Art. Ongoing call for mailart with theme of "Free Tibet". Works will be exhibited at the Living Poets website: No jury, no fees, no returns. Any media, maximum size A4. Send to: Dragonheart Press, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, United Kingdom. Deadline: none.

Dreams of the Millennium: The Millennium approaches. Will the year 2000 (or 2001) be just another year or will our universe change in ways we cannot yet imagine? Send me your written dream(s) on this subject--or other ruminous/luminous dreams and in return receive a copy of other dreams submitted. Send to Elaine Langerman, 3716 Yuma St. NW, Washington, DC 20015. Deadline: ongoing

Artists' Stamps. To contribute to a philatelic exhibition to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Please send 100 examples of your own postage stamp, a project of postage stamps for a real or fictitious nation or both. Every participant will receive a souvenir print. If you have an in Internet Connection, please have a look at Micronations to give you some suggestions. For a more spectacular result, send more than 100 stamps. They can be included in more booklets. Send all material to Rastorfer J-M, Case 54, Bergiere, CH 1000 Lausanne, Switzerland. Deadline: Unknown.

The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp.. Send your original black and white work. 14 x 21 cm. Subject: Fresh Window. Documentation to all participants. Send to: The Secret Life of Marcel Duchamp, 10, Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France. Deadline: Unknown.

Jokers. From a real or imaginary deck of cards, decorated or not. The Jokers will be put into a book. No deadline. Occasional documentation. All contributions will be included. Send to Jokers! P.O. Box 31848, Seattle, WA 98103.

Rubberstamp Mailart Project. Online documentation. Send unusual/fluxus/dada/surreal rubberstamps (not images). No returns. Send to Planet Dada, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, UK. Deadline: 31 December 1999.

191: A Mail Art Assemblage Zine. Urgent call for themed submissions. Send 24 pages 1/4 A4 size, leaving 1 cm. On the longest edge and receive a bound issue of the zine. Specific upcoming themed issues desperately in need of submissions to complete those already received are: Picasso & Cubism, Artistamps. Mail pages to Planet Dada 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, England.

Signs & Stones & Snakes. Any size, any medium. Documentation and installation in the Cureghem area in Belgium. The Snake Project is a mural painting project around a new park in construction in a deprived neighborhood in Brussels. Help to restore the social tissue! Break the isolation of local people with your art! Rebirth is the medicine of the snake. Curator: Guido Vermeulen, P.O. Box 243, B1210 Brussels, Belgium. Deadline: 1 January 2000.

Artist Notebooks (III). Artist notebooks will enter its third year and jump into the new millennium. Send art & stories of your lives in notebooks (handmade or bought). Contribute to the memory 8in bookform of how (mail)artists saw the end of this century, what they did, how they related to the world, who their friends &lovers were, what was their art all about, where they lived, how their environment related to art & way of life, etc. Follow up documentation will be produced after the very successful but controversial one in 1998 (cfr the Numero debate). Travel exhibitions with the notebooks will follow. Notebook rituals will be documented as my own life develops according to the patterns of nature. The science of life can be witnessed in each flower. Deadline: 1 January 2000. Send to Guido Vermeulen, P.O. Box 243, B1210 Brussels, Belgium.

Leaves and Leave-takings. Any medium, no deadline, reply to all and new documentation to expect. Send to Bonita McLaughlin, 41A Richardson Rd., Leverett, MA 01054 USA.

Phone Booth Mail Art: We will exhibit artistamp sheets and copy art and rubberstamp prints in six yellow phone booths during September Art Week in the pedestrian zone right in the middle of Mail Art Mekka Minden. Any theme. No returns, no rejections Size: A4 only! (20 x 30 cm.) Color catalog to eery participant. Send to Kulturverein Wolkenstein, P.O. Box 2644 D-32383 Minden, Germany. Deadline: 9 September 1999.

The Secret Life of a Mermaid. 2D, size: A-4. Send your picture, poem, story, song, drawing, painting, collage etc. to: Zena Zero Press, Dilgtweg 26 9751 NH Haren, The Netherlands. Answer to all.

Photobooth: Send your photobooth photos to: Igor Stevanvic, B. Jerkovic 215/17, 11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia. Documentation to all. No deadline.

Hopes for the Millennium. Show me your dreams, desires and plans for the coming year 2000. You see, I live with a man who believes the world as we know it will end and society will turn to a Mad Max kind way of life. I don't want to believe it. I want to have some hope. Join me. Any medium, any technique, no size restrictions, no doomsday stuff, no porno. Deadline: 31 December 1999. Documentation in 2000. Work will be displayed in my Internet Gallery at Dragonfly Dream,

Artist's Book Exchange. Send one of your artist's books to Pat. She will send you one of hers in return along with a list of all the addresses of other members of the exchange (currently 199 people from across the planet). After that it's up to you to negotiate exchanges with others on the list. Send to Pat Collins, Artist's Book Exchange, 128 Kingston Rd., Teddington, Middlesex, UK.

Postcard Exchange. Donate non-enveloped postcard for my Archive and you'll receive on in return. Send to Predrag Popovic, Brace Poljakovic 5, 34000 Kragujevac, Yugoslavia.

Transformation Through Reading. How has reading changed, expanded or transformed your life? Where has it taken you? Help me introduce mail art to my community. Submission guidelines. No jury. No returns. Documentation to all. Deadline: 30 September 1999. Size limit, no larger than 11 x 17 or 28cm. X 43 cm. No ex-rated materials. To be exhibited in a public library during the month of October 1999. E-mail address: Mailing address: Chapin Memorial Library, Att: Lesta Sue Hardee, 400 14th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 USA. Any questions, e-mail Lesta Sue Hardee. Otherwise, mail it.

Child Abuse. All media, no returns, no fees, no jury, max. size A4, documentation to all. International Art Project of "Catarinense Human Rights Society" and "Museum of International Contemporary Art". Deadline: 30 September 2000. All works must be sent to Dorian Ribas Marinho, Caixa Postal No. 676, Florianopolis (SC), Brazil 88010-970.

Visual Poetry Wanted. The magazine Signs of Santa Clara, the city where Che Guevara is buried, is preparing a special edition of visual poetry and they want work from around the world, because they don't have enough poems, and because visual poetry is not well known in Cuba. Send contributions to Revista Signos, gaveta Postal 19, Santa Clara, c.p. 50100, Villa Clara, Cuba.

Signal has a new e-mail address for Miroljub Todorovic at signal@ptt.yu. For those of you who may not know, Signal is a resurrected visual and word poetry periodical published in Belgrade which was suspended in the 1970s. It welcomes essays about all aspects of word art and visual poetry.

E-mail alteration. Please alter this e-mail in any way you choose and return the results to Alan Bowman in e-mail form or as an attachment to: or on paper to: Via Lorenzago 15, int. 7, 30174 Mestre, Venezia, Italy. Please include a postal address for documentation. Any incompatible attachments will be reproduced in any way I can think of.

Mani Art, mail art magazine. Send 60 pages, size 15x21 cm. Or 60 postcards. No black and white photocopies. Leave 1 cm. On longest side. Every contributor gets one issue with all works. No deadline. Send to Pascal Lenoir, 11 Ruelle de Champagne, 60680 Grandfresnoy, France. But The Big 2000 Assembling-Zine with the theme "Manic Art" is the big project. Send 200 contributions. Maximum size: A5. You will receive a copy of the first assembling zine of the year 2000. Send to the above address before 31 December 1999.

Millennium. Any medium. Will involve conferences, performances, exhibitions. Mysticism, magic, fear, anxiety, play, destruction and creation. Deadline: 15 November 1999. Send to Millennium, Vittorio Baccelli, c.p. 132, 55100 Lucca, Italy.

Picasso Gaglione's Stampzine: This is a collection of rubber stamp art featuring the handstamped works of international artists. Anyone wishing to contribute to Stampzine No. 6 should send 75 handstamped copies of rubberstamp artwork 8 x 11" to the publisher, 450 Taraval St., #276, San Francisco, CA 94116. All contributors will receive a free copy. Deadline: 15 November 1999.

Gallery Zero Millennium Party in Amsterdam: Please help celebrate and send artwork to celebrate the start of 2000 which will be exhibited in the Gallery on 31 December 1999. Documentation will be provided. Please send to Gallery Zero, Attn: Kees de Jonge, Bloemengracht 12-bis, 1051 AP Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Deadline: 25 December 1999.

Rubberstamp Mailart Project: Online documentation. Send unusual/fluxus/dada/surreal rubber stamps (not images). No returns. Send to Planet Dada, 11 Menin Rd., Allestree, Derby DE22 2NL, United Kingdom. Deadline: 31 December 1999.

Missing Documentation-Project, Part 2: Send me any news on mail art projects of which the promised documentation was never sent. Especially in the last years, a great deal of promised material never was sent out to mail artists! Send to K.Frank Jensen, Sankt Hansgade 20, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark. (Booklet to all who send information). Deadline: 31 December 1999.

Hands. Any artwork depicting hands appreciated, i.e. doing sign language, holding things, etc. Documentation to all. Send to Bruno Capatti, via I. Luminasi 22, 40059 Medicina (BO) Italy. Deadline: 31 December 1999.

Matchbook. Send us your name and address and we will mail you a plain matchbook. Use any medium to transform it and return it to Paper Source, 2404 Hennepin Ave., S., Minneapolis, MN 55405. Deadline: Unknown.

Stubs. Send to Paper Source at the above address. They're collecting everything from dry cleaners, movies, etc. from whatever you have paid admission to lately or were given a receipt. They will be mounted in a book and on permanent display at the store, Paper Source. Documentation to all respondents. Deadline: Unknown.

Limping or Soaring to the Millennium: "Your Take on Human History" is an on-going project between now and the year 2000. Entries will be posted to the Website as soon as possible after receipt. Image(s) and text preferred. Maximum size for flat art 6 x 9 inches (15.24 x 12.86 cm). All flat art entries will be scanned, reduced to fit a 4- by 5-inch (10.16 x 12.8 cm.) Window and displayed on our Website at We are also accepting entries as digital art fields on disk or attached e-mail. These files must be in jpeg, giff, or animated giff format. To keep the file size small do not exceed the 4-inch height by 5-inch width at 72 dpi image size. No jury. No returns. Send only one entry per person to: The Sticker Dud Institute, Millennium Mail Art Project, Ragged Edge Press, 102 Fulton St., New York, NY 10038 or send e-mail to:, Deadline: 31 December 1999.

Snails & Turtles by snail-mail. Documentation to all participants. Deadline: 31 July 2000. Send to DragonflyDream, 7 Vuelta Maria, Santa Fe, NJ 87501 USA.

Spain. Any information about Spain. Documentation to all participants and an online exhibition. Deadline: 31 July 2000. Send to Francis van Maele, P.O. box 66, L-6401 Echternach, Luxembourg.

Energy-Balance Book Project. Make an object book on the theme, Energy-Balance, and send it for an exhibition in the Cologne Museum of Modern Art! Documentation to all participants. Deadline: 31 March 2000. Send to Gerhard Ostfalk, Sommeringstr. 58, 50823 Kln, Germany.

Wanda. How does WANDA look like? Which woman do you think I am looking for? Send images, drawings, etc. All contributions will be exhibited in the Rydal Art Gallery. Documentation to all participants. Deadline: 21 April 2000. Send to Robin Crozier, The Mews, Field Foot Under Loughrigg, Rydal, Ambelside, Cumbria, England LA22 9LN.

New York City Transformation. Portland Contemporary Art Museum, P.O. Box 6056, Portland, OR 97228-6056. Any theme, no documentation. Deadline: 9 September 1999.

Femail-Art Project. How do women see their role after 2000? Max. size: A4. Any medium, no works returned. Only female networkers and femail mail-artists can participate. Deadline: 15 September 1999. Catalogue to all participants. Thee will be a virtual catalog on its Website. Exhibition in November 1999 including Women's Day on 11 November 1999. Curators are Annina Van Sebroeck and Luc Fierens. Send to C.C. Ter Dilft, c/o Femail-Art, Sint-Amandsesteenweb 41-43, B-2880 Bornem, Belgium.

Goodbye Century, Goodbye to the past: No Messiah and no revolution in sight and the last judgment has been postponed. Send your vision! Organized by Herbert Pasiecznyk and Robert Streibel. Send your postcards and letters A4 (8 x 11") Exhibition opening in late 1999. Deadline: 31 October 1999. Send to Volkshochschule Hietzing, Hofwiesengasse 48, A-1130 Wien, Austria.

Living in the Mirror: Millennium Mail Art Project for Children. Open to children through 12 years of age. A self portrait and portrait of the living environment of children today. Open to individual children and groups. Any size, any medium. No fees, no jury, no returns, all works will be displayed. Exhibitions from April to June 2000. Documentation to all participating children. Deadline: 29 February 2000. Send to Children Mail Art Project Living in the Mirror, Foyer VZW, c/o Francis Marissens, Wekhuizenstraat 25, B1080 Brussels, Belgium. Another version of the show is: Mail Your Art 2000 Living in the Mirror, an international mail art show for children. Kidscommons, an American children's museum, and ARTColumbus, a group of visual artists, are sponsoring a children's mail art show in celebration of the new millennium and the 30th anniversary of Earth Day. We'll tie our mail art show into Earth Day 2000, a worldwide celebration commemorating the 30th anniversary of this special day set aside to honor Mother Earth. We'll use the occasion to encourage children to reuse materials when making their entries. Reuse helps save the energy and natural resources necessary to make new art materials, and it saves the landfill space needed to dispose of solid waste. Open to Children through 12 years of age. Theme: "Living in the Mirror".Draw a self portrait, create a piece of art which shows your hopes and dreams for the future, especially the environment, or make art which illustrates what you want to be when you grow up or how you will dress and live. Size, background, and media: Create the mail art on a 4"x6" post card. Try to reuse a light weight piece of card stock for your entry, or, if you prefer, mail a larger drawing in an envelope. Any technique, and all media are acceptable, including collage, markers, crayons, pen and ink, colored pencils, rubber stamps, tempera, and watercolor. No fees, no jury, and no returns. All work will be exhibited. Print your first and last names, age, street address, city, state, zipcode and country somewhere on your entry. Include your province, if applicable. Teachers, scout leaders, and other care givers can mail many entries together, thereby saving mailing costs. All work will be shown at the children's museum. At the end of the show, the cards will be packed into old suitcases and hat boxes to tour the Bartholomew County elementary schools. Children will have the opportunity to handle the cards, and to see the art and study the stamps and post marks. Documentation to all participants. The form which the recognition takes will depend on the number of entries the museum receives. If possible, a list of children's names and countries will be mailed to each child. Otherwise, all names, first name and last initial only, and countries will be listed in a virtual catalog of entries at the kidscommons website Deadline: 31 March 2000. Send mail art to: Mail Art 2000 kidscommons, The Commons Mall, 325 Washington St Columbus IN 47201USA. For full details of "Living in the Mirror" and to obtain ideas on how to creatively reuse solid waste to make mail art, visit Mail Your Art 2000 at

Collage.. Please send small and colorful paper things to me, I am building a mail art collage. All contributors will receive a color copy of the collage and a list of current participants. Any collage - type materials are welcome (magazine cut outs, original art, unoriginal art, artistamps, stickers etc). No deadline, Ongoing project. Scientist Sam, 11514 N. Rockaway Dr. Spokane, WA 99218 USA E-mail:

Arte Postal Hacia el Nuevo Milenio (Mail Art towards the New Millennium) to be held in December 1999 with some works displayed on web page ( This will celebrate the end of the 20th century and will form a mail art archive. Deadline: 30 September 1999. Send curriculum and works (artistamps, rubber stamps, envelopes, postcards, letters, visual poetry, etc.) to Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca A.C., Reforma #504, Centro, Oaxaca, Oax. C.P. 68000, Mexico.

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