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Women of the Book:
Jewish Artists/Jewish Themes

Arte y diseño en el libro

Maestros    encuaderna dores

1920 - 1970

The Italian Futurist Book A selection of images of books created by Italian Futurist artists. The works feature amazingly inventive uses of typography, layout, and graphic design to express intense themes of raw emotions, speed, and war. This exhibition was curated by Italian scholar Maurizio Scudiero.
Contemporary Book Artists/Publishers

This section of the Colophon Gallery presents the portfolios of contemporary creators and publishers of artists' illustrated books.

Sara Garden Armstrong, New York

Susanna Bergtold, New York

Béatrice Coron, New York/Lyon

Carter Hodgkin, New York new

Charlene Matthews, Los Angeles

Foolscap Press, Santa Cruz/CA

Melville Press, Pacific Palisades /CA

Richard Minsky, New York

Lise Poirier, New York

Miriam Schaer, New York

Schifanoia, Firenze

Shirley Sharoff, Paris

Michael Woolworth Publications, Paris

Editions Ruth Zilkha, Paris

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The Illustrated Book: A Survey of Genres

The inaugural exhibit at Colophon Gallery, curated and hypertexted by Richard Minsky, surveys the work of artists, designers and publishers who have worked with the book, or the book form, to create an object of art. (enter exhibit...)

Traveling Exhibitions

In cyberspace it's not clear whether Mohammed is going to the mountain or the mountain is coming to Mohammed. You decide. In any case, these are some exhibitions we feel merit your time.

A survey of more than 250 Czech artist books surveying the glory of book design in the early 20th century with the emphasis on book covers and book jackets including typographical and photographic design at the Williamson Gallery on the campus of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design in California.

ADVENTURE AND ILLUSTRATION IN NORTH AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN 1760-1895 From the Beinecke Library at Yale University, a gorgeous survey of illustrated travel literature from the late 18th through the 19th century. The rich, atmospheric tones of the colored lithographs, etchings and acquatints transport the viewer into the scene with surprising ease. The accompanying texts mark the historic context of these bold moments of imperial ambition coupled with the adventure of travel and exploration.

About Colophon Gallery

Colophon Gallery presents curated exhibits that explore all aspects of the fine book arts, both contemporary and traditional. Our emphasis is the illustrated book and related works on paper. The Gallery provides the opportunity for the exhibition of contemporary book artists and publishers. We welcome your suggestions or proposals for curated exhibitions, and for the presentation of recent work by creators of fine illustrated books. We invite you to consider Colophon Gallery as an on-line venue for museum and gallery exhibitions.

Archived Exhibitions

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