h e a r t   o f   t h e   m a t t e r

Everything separate unites,

all that is apart dissolves,

that which is solitary suffices

for only so long. The sound

of one hand clapping,

the rhythm of one heart beating,

the rumor of one voice singing

an aria no one else can hear

awaken only desire, and the fear

of incompletion. We are the twain

that heed the murmur of the years

over the silence of dissolution

and endure.

--With Stan Pinkwas

1994. 56 x 26 x 20. Acrylic, wedding dress, xerox, ink, heart model, thread, silk. Unique. Collection of the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Photos by Douglas Beube.

n e x t  i m a g e

o t h e r  w o r k s  p a g e   

m i r i a m  s c h a e r  t i t l e    p a g e