r e s t   s t o p s

1996. 5 x 16 x 2. Sock driers, silk acrylic, xerox transfer, printed matter,
At the end of the ramp

you will pass six green lights.

At the fourth intersection,

just past the school,

you can sometimes make a left turn

from the middle lane.

You may have to circle the block

to turn if the arrow is broken.

Then you must approach from the other direction.

Just remember,

delays are frequent,

especially if someone

has a breakdown on the

approach road.

Be prepared to stop unexpectedly.

n e x t  i m a g e

o t h e r  w o r k s  p a g e   

m i r i a m  s c h a e r  t i t l e    p a g e

p r i c e