Bret Delaire   "Mid-day Sun on Federal Hall #2", Oil on Canvas, 24"x36", 2009, $5,000

A graduate of Georgetown University's class of 1997 with a major in Studio Art and a second concentration in Finance, the artist has studied under well-known artist John C. Traynor and Portland Art Museum director Brian Ferriso. Outdoor landscapes of buildings and nature, and indoor still-lifes have been his signature style. The artist enjoys painting on site, in and around New York City. All paintings are completed in traditional oil paint with an impressionistic brush stroke style.

The artist balances light with shadow, cool colors with warm colors, and sharp edges with soft edges to create a painting that captures depth, moves the eye around the painting and draws it to a focal point. The artist captures atmosphere in his paintings to push the background into the distance. Objects that are further away from the viewer are less clear and sometimes take on a bluish tone as the color of the sky is reflected on the tiny water molecules in the air.

Areas of light best stand out when there is representation of shadow. The shadows contain the cooler colors and are subdued while the warm colors of the light bring the eye where it is intended to be. This area is the focal point. It can be distinguished by warm colors and sharper edges. It could be a person or an object but more importantly it suggests a mood for the painting. Artist's Website