Jake Messing   "Barriers on Walls", Oil on Canvas, 39"x55", 2009, $3,000


Jake Messing was born in Northern California in 1982. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in May 2006. Primarily a representational painter, Messings' work explores, in both bold and subtle ways, and often through a suggestion of narrative and woven symbolism, the thread of life that ties us together as human beings. Embracing our virtues while not shying away from our faults, he shows us portraits of ourselves and our surroundings, both intense and penetrating. The urban environment and its inherent and constant birth and decay serves as a dominant inspiration through most of his pieces. Messing's work has been shown in galleries across the United States, Canada and Europe. His work is held in private collections throughout the US, Europe and Asia. He presently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where he is endlessly creating a new bodies of work.
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