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Tunnel Books

Tunnel Books have cutouts in the middle of concertina pages, allowing the reader to see through the book from one page to the next.

Colette Copeland
Roe vs. Wade
, 1995
7" x 8". Photocopy and laser print.

Carol Barton
Everyday Road Signs
, 1988
8 5/8" x 7 3/16" x 18" (extended), Silkscreen and offset.

The road maps which serve as page borders chart a coast-to-coast trip across the United States, connecting places important in the artist's life. A Chinese proverb on the back cover reads, "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back."

Carol Barton
, 1990
7" x 5" x 9 1/4" (extended), Offset edition of 600.

A "magic carpet" ride with five pages of oriental rug motifs bound by two photographic panoramas. Printed at Pyramid Atlantic Center for Paper, Prints and Books, Riverdale, MD.

Carol Barton
Tunnel Map
, 1988
7 1/2" diameter x 10" (extended), Silkscreen edition of 150.

Seven circular pages plus front and back covers show alternating maps of Eastern and Western hemispheres.Inside each page is a small landscape image of a different global geography. Produced at the Women's Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY.

Harvest Moon
Roberta Lavadour

7" x 8 1/2" x 10" (extended)
Mixed media with handmade paper

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