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Colophon Page offers a home on the Internet to the community of collectors, dealers and lovers of modern illustrated and fine press books. A comprehensive data base of books for sale in the Dealers Marketplace is supported by a sophisticated Search function and makes available a full range of transaction options described below. An on-line Gallery with regularly changing shows, a Journal designed and edited expressly for this new medium along with an international Calendar of events and a Discussion Forum constitute the central resources of the Colophon Page site.

Colophon Page has been developed by James Wintner, the publisher of JHW Editions in NYC. A former design engineer on Mergenthaler Linotype's first photo-composition computer, he brings a unique combination of skills to this project. The first Gallery show, A Survey of Genres, is curated by Richard Minsky - binder, book designer and publisher, and founder of the Center for Book Arts in NYC. The Colophon Journal brings together topical news from our correspondents; contributions from bookarts journals worldwide; and special "issues" dedicated to a particular theme. Our first issue, guest edited by curator and critic, Michael von Uchtrup, investigates the encounter between cyberspace and the traditional technologies of publishing, printing, illustration, reading and writing. The Calendar is curated by Judith Hoffberg - publisher of Umbrella magazine and Umbrella Editions.

Colophon Page's primary focus is the world of 20th century illustrated books in all its variety - livre d'artiste, contemporary illustrated, avant-garde and artists books - as well as related works on paper - fine art prints, drawings and posters. A select, international group of dealers in fine and illustrated books offer, in the Marketplace, both the classics of illustrated book publishing as well as the latest work of contemporary book artists. We encourage the exhibition of work from new presses whose editions have not yet found a commercial outlet. The excitement and revelation typically associated with a fair or important museum exhibition will be a constant on Colophon Page. The World Wide Web permits, for the first time, an easily accessible and convenient venue for the display, exhibition and sale of fine illustrated books and works on paper. Colophon Page will be fair, exhibition space, conference and symposium whose doors never close. Welcome!

Some Details

The following is an overview of the site's resources and describes how to use them and navigate between them. [The HELP pages provide more detailed information and can be accessed from the navigation bar on the various pages] We invite and welcome your feedback

An on-line and curated Gallery space for the exhibition of fine book and related arts. Our shows change regularly, organized by a guest curator and a cyber-exhibition designer. We provide, in addition, an on-line venue for shows originating in galleries, museums and libraries worldwide. This electronic medium allows us to maintain an archive of past shows that will be available for viewing at all times.


Colophon Page offers you two ways to review the information on the site . First there is our Dealer's Marketplace, where each dealer presents their individual catalogue of books for sale. The catalogue may be viewed in its entirety (catalogue "long form") or in an abbreviated version (catalogue "short form") that indicates: Title, Author, Artist, Publisher, Date, Place of Pub. and Price . We recommend, for speed and efficiency, that you use the "long form" for browsing, and the dealer's "short form" catalogue for shopping and to transact on-line purchases and inquiries. Using the "short form" you can transfer books to a "Book List" for further consideration, where you will be able to email a dealer or create an invoice for on-line purchase.

If you are seeking a specific title, the work of a particular author, artist or publisher, or a subject or genre, you can make effective use of our Search function. By entering the proper criteria you will be able to access the entire database of books offered for sale on Colophon Page. The Search Results permits you to create a "Book List", as above. (See "Book List Help" for details on using "Book List")

The Calendar, edited by Judith Hoffberg, surveys events in the world of fine books from the perspective of our emphasis on the illustrated book. It is international - we are presently collaborating with Art et Metiers du Livre (Paris) - and constantly up-dated. We cover fairs for books and related works, auctions, exhibits, conferences and lectures. Fairs and auctions may be seen in preview on Colophon Page, allowing participants in these events to benefit from advance knowledge and unhurried reflection. The Literature domain will have at its center the Colophon Journal, an on-line journal of the fine book arts. The Journal is designed to explore the publishing paradigms created by the World Wide Web. We are developing a means of communicating about fine books that is unique to this new medium. Postings to the Calendar and proposals for the Journal will be received with appreciation. The Discussion Forum will serve as an interactive "letters to the editor". Projects created for the Journal will serve as the focus for a variety of dialogues. Conversations initiated by visitors whether regarding the Journal, the Gallery, or the site in general, are invited.

You may contact us with any questions, suggestions, critiques:

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