Most of the books in this section are available from Printed Matter, 77 Wooster St., New York, NY 10012 unless otherwise indicated.

Red Rover #1 is full of cartoons, an essay on bad government, Texas gun cult crazies, and all of that. $1.00

The Computer Artist's Forum, a collective artworks limited edition quarterly, vol.2, no. 2 for Summer 1996 is made in an edition of 100. Published in Rancho Mirage, California, not Silicon Valley, this periodical is made of artists who make 100 copies of their digitized and computer artwork. As a result, this is a cutting edge group of artists who have created this "Assembling" in the new technology. All you have to do to include yourself is to meet a deadline (their anniversary edition had as its deadline 15 August) and then make 100 copies of your work, including a page if you wish to tell how you did it. This is a great addition to any collection, for it reflects the new technology, yet continues in the tradition of so many other collaborative publications to this day. This is a beautifully conceived work of art as a creative outlet for computer artists. You can order subscriptions from Computer Artist's Forum, P.O. Box 806, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 or send $35.00 to Printed Matter for this issue.

Ohio #4 continues to be one of the most exciting periodicals published today This Dusseldorf-based periodical is dedicated to photography--and this issue is dedicated to the building of a bridge over the Rhine, the only text being reproductions of newspaper articles According to the colophon, 90% of the photographs were originally in color. All of the pages with multiple images are in black and white, but the story goes without "telling" in words. Instead, the pictures illustrate the slow progress of the building of this bridge. It is dynamic. $9.00

Burger #1 is a cartooned zine out of Brooklyn, New York. This is an assembling of many cartoonists each with different stories in different styles. $4.00 for a very well made zine. And cartoons galore!

Bark #4 (Sequence) includes the work of bookartists Caryl Burtner, Terry Cuddy, Ohtake Shinro, comic strip artist Chris Ware, part two of Ethan Persoff's work, and covers by Michael Kasper. If you subscribe to any one artist periodical, this is the one. It is beautiful, comfortable in the hand, and a work of art. Write to Bark, PO. Box 6571, Ithaca, NY 14850-6571. A bargain at $5.00!

Speaking of zines, Counter Intelligence: Zines, Comics, Pamphlets is a catalog of self-published and autonomous print-creations, curated by Mark Pawson and Jason Skeet, mail art stars, who conceived of this exhibition and created a catalog listing and describing the zines in alphabetical order. The exhibition was held in Brixton, South London in October 1994. With about 250 publications in the exhibition, the catalog is a resource for collectors and for those interested in this global revolution. $3.00

Factoria #3/Vaca Town Fashion Issue includes a T-shirt with a statement "Dress your inside. Vista su interior." and the logo of Vaca Town on the back with the Latin motto translated "Things not words". Well, this T-shirt is a bargain and it comes with a mag inside - a folded poster which represents Vaca Town's Fashion Issue #3, including credits for all the work, and an Ode to Fashion in Spanish. Get it!

M/E/A/N/I/N/G: Contemporary Art Issues 19/20 is the last issue of this most significant journal. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the editors also announce its demise with contributions from visual artist contributors. The artist pages are by such artists as Ida Applebroog, Rudolf Baranik, Susan Bee, Charles Bernstein, Kathe Burkhart, Daryl Chin, Jane Dickson, Rackstraw Downes, Johanna Drucker, Leon Golub, Mimi Gross, Marcia Hafif, Michi Itami, Yvonne Jacquette, Tom Knechtel, Alison Knowles, Komar & Melamid, Joyce Kozloff, Ellen Lanyon, Ann McCoy, Ann Messner, John Miller, Robert C. Morgan, Joseph Nechvatal, Howardena Pindell, Lucio Pozzi, Aviva Rahmani, Erika Rothenberg, Miriam Schapiro, Mira Schor, Joan Snyder, Nancy Spero, May Stevens, Robert Storr, Lawrence Weiner, Faith Wilding, Martha Wilson, and so many more. Adieu Meaning, looking forward to your anthology. $15.00